Gift or Wish List and Save Baskets

Gift or Wish List and Save Baskets by Emporium Plus

The Gift/Wish List can be used for personal and business wish/want lists intended for future purchases for those who want to be surprised by not knowing the specific item they are going to receive.

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The Gift/Wish/Favorites List can be used for personal and business wish/want lists intended for future purchases, by children making their birthday or Christmas list, or that "significant other" who wants to be surprised by not knowing the specific item they are going to receive. Save the whole basket with one click or one item at a time from the product, category, search, and product list pages. Then come back later for purchase. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

Gift List shopping allows a person(s) to select a list of products they would like to have. They place the products into their shopping basket. Then, rather than checkout and pay for the items, they save the cart to the Gift/Wish List registry. For quick saves, they can also save them from the individual product screens. You can also place the save links on any screen where products are displayed, e.g. category, search, product list. If you are also using the Emporium Plus Tell A Friend module, a convenientbutton is placed at the bottom of the Gift List display to forward the URL for the Gift List to friends.

The potential gift giver can review the list and select the item or items they would like to give. Lists are looked up with easy to remember code, i.e. list owner's initials and phone number.

Customers can also save items they plan to purchase later by placing them in a wish list.

Wholesale and repeat customers can quickly build a favorites list which they can easily return to and order from without having to search through your store.

There is an admin report which allows you to view all active gift lists. This is an excellent tracker mechanism to promote future sales in your store.

This module allows you to maintain the gift or wish list database on your server. There are no ridiculous monthly/quarterly fees to pay to other companies just to store customer wishes on their server. You control your data.

The module has the ability to save attributes of products to the Gift/Wish List, e.g. S, M or L. It can even save complex attribute template attributes and options. It can include regular and price group calculation for displayed totals of base plus saved attributes.

The admin configuration allows the store owner to change the labels from gift list to wish list or favorites list. The basket save form template can be customized to conform to your site's look and feel. Likewise, the search form templates used to locate the giftlist / wishlist can be customized. If you are not versed in templates, you can select to use the default forms until you feel comfortable modifying the HTML. The gift/wish list product layout page uses Merchant 5 store morph technology templates with full version history control. You can make changes and if you don't like them, easily recall the previous version of the page.

Using tokens, you place the save to Gift/Wish list button or href link on the Merchant pages so that it fits your desired look.

The module currently fully supports the mivasql configuration of MIVA Merchant 5. It also supports MySQL as long as load balancing has the data stored on the single MySQL server and permissions are set correctly on the data directories. This would be the case in most of the server setups. If you are using Merchant 5.x and your host is, you will not be able to use this module due to the way they configure their servers. There are no known issues with other hosts.
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