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Avalara AvaTax is a SaaS-based sales tax compliance automation solution. It provides tax rates at the point of sale, based on the latest tax rules and regulations.


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Integration: Built and supported by Miva, certified by Avalara

Sales tax can be a burdensome part of doing business, but getting it wrong puts your business at risk for large fines and penalties. Fortunately, automating compliance is easier than you may think. Avalara AvaTax connects directly to Miva software and applies the latest rates, saving you time, money, and effort.


AvaTax applies sales tax and VAT calculations at the point of purchase. Centralized, secure management enables tax schedules for new locations to be assigned and maintained automatically.


AvaTax integrates seamlessly with multiple business systems, maintaining data continuity across teams. Rates are calculated and applied “behind the scenes,” without disrupting user flow or burdening your IT or finance teams. On-demand reporting gives you the information you need for returns or audits.


Forget about updating tax tables, monitoring rule changes, and scheduling tax holidays. AvaTax continuously updates data, applying the latest rates available for over 12,000 U.S. sales tax jurisdictions. With advanced address validation, sourcing and taxability determination, and jurisdiction assignment technology, you’ll improve rate accuracy while reducing audit risk.


AvaTax is a scalable, subscription SaaS solution, with pricing based on each customer’s needs. The cloud-based service eliminates additional hardware costs and allows your IT and finance teams to focus on work that adds value and grows your business.

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Release Notes
Version 1.0004
Release Date:12/17/2020
Release Notes:
  • AVATAX-60: TaxModule_Calculate_Basket fails if the tax BasketInfo record exists but the order total has changed (Impacts Apple Pay and PayPal Commerce Platform Orders)

Version 1.0003
Release Date:11/16/2020
Release Notes:
  • AVATAX-51: Fatal error on OPAY if refreshed or revisited
  • AVATAX-56: Fatal error on PostgreSQL when attempting to calculate tax

Version 1.0002
Release Date: 3/18/2020
Release Notes:

New Features
Ship From Addresses may now be configured at the product level -
Multiple Ship From Addresses may now be configured store wide -
Bugs Fixed
AVATAX-40: Module filename causes conflicts with the legacy avatax module
AVATAX-43: Order Items do not take into account whether or not they are cancelled
AVATAX-45: AvaTax returns invalid length error when itemCode is greater than 50 characters
AVATAX-49: AvaTax should use the proper STAX privileges for all Store Settings tabs

Version 1.0001
Released Date: 11/22/2019
Release Notes: needs to be a length of 50 char

Version: 1.0000
Release Date: 11/11/2019
Release Notes: Iniitial Release
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Support Phone

877-780-4848 (from Canada: (206) 826-4900)

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