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Click-to-edit products, categories, and custom fields while browsing your Miva Merchant store. Easy to use and install, fast, and saves a ton of time.

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Click-to-Edit products, categories, and custom fields while browsing your store...
without the admin.

Watch the video to be amazed!
(click on the gray video icon to the right)

Clicked is FANTASTIC! Certainly the very best aid to Miva Merchant management and productivity for the dollar. Correct typos, adjust pricing, and add info right on the product digging into admin and searching for the right spot to make a change. I can't begin to guess the time savings for our store with over 1000 products!

Alison Elder

See an issue in your store? Click-it to fix-it!

Click-to-Edit your product name, header, footer, description, weight, cost, price, inventory, and custom text and textarea fields.

Category name, header, and footer are also supported.

With fill-in-the-blank style content templates you can create content layouts with ease. Add basic product info in the admin, and then browse to it in your store and click a button to add the templates to areas that don't have content yet. Perfect product layout design at your fingertips.

Create complex product layouts and edit them with ease using custom fields and Clicked.

This module lets you and other editors make changes to Product Descriptions, Prices, Header & Footer content with ever going into the store admin! You can even edit content in the Category Header & Footer area. Super simple, super easy! Just click to edit.

Leslie Kirk
Developer Info

We are Miva Merchant experts and have been doing Miva Merchant SEO, custom Miva Merchant modules, Miva Merchant troubleshooting, and eCommerce site development since the late 90's.


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