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Next generation WYSIWYG editor and content manager for Miva Merchant.

Price $199.00

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The Content Studio makes it easy to create and organize content for your Miva Merchant store.

  • Image drag and drop or image selection.
  • Organize with tags.
  • Easy page items to load or display content in various ways.
  • Quickly create rich content for products, pages, support systems, and more.
  • Use Content Studio content for product description with no template changes.
  • Product content editor includes product images in image selector.
  • Use tag and code URL param to create dynamic content for support system, docs, blogs, and more.
  • FAQ Tree utilities including automatic UL/LI infinite tree creation (also json and Bootstrap collapse options.)
  • Extensive optional editor settings to customize css for various tags and blocks, create html template, snippets, urls, and more.
  • Built in faq tree system. You assign content items to other content items, then bring up the tree and it's automatically set up in a ul/li code block. Useful for many menu style plugins out there. Great for documentation and support.
Release Notes

Setup: Install the module then go to the Utilities area to use it.

Some fixes and minor updates
Added automated FAQ tree system
fixed a few bugs and UI issues

v1.008: Initial Release

Developer Info

We are Miva Merchant experts and have been doing Miva Merchant SEO, custom Miva Merchant modules, Miva Merchant troubleshooting, and eCommerce site development since the late 90's.


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