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Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. The module includes a real time coupon code generator, which can produce unique coupon.


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Manage coupon addition and coupon redemption functions with this versatile coupon module. The module includes a real time coupon code generator which can produce unique coupon codes by embedding a coupon token in any store page and in emails which are capable of using the specific module token. It includes a coupon report in admin so you can review coupon usage history and evaluate marketing campaigns. In addition to the admin interface for adding one coupon at a time, you can import coupon details from a flat file for quick loading of coupon codes. For ease of use, it includes context sensitive help. License is for ONE mall. Within that single mall, it can be used in multiple stores without additional license.

Coupon Redemption Module Features:
  • Easy Entry of Coupons
    You can enter coupons one at a time, import multiple coupons from flat files, or auto-generate couponsfrom master template coupons.
  • Easy Lookup of Specific Coupons or Display Lists of Related Coupons
    You can quickly find a specific coupon by entering the first few letters of its code or the full coupon code. Also, there is a quick list for template generated sub-coupons. Their master coupon code will be displayed with a hyperlink. Clicking it will list all of the sub-coupons for that coupon template.
  • Deleting Coupons
    You can either remove coupons by selecting them in the list or purge expired coupons with a single click.
  • Context Sensitive Help
    The ultimate user friendly module, it incorporates field by field help for admin inputs. Click the bold "context sensitive help" in this paragraph to see how it makes the user interface more intuitive. Make sure you are allowing popups.
  • Redemption Options
    • Instant Coupons - Redeem on the product screen.
    • Checkout Coupons - Shipping (free, discounted or prorated) are redeemed at checkout on the shipping/payment selection screen. Fixed or percentage off coupons can also be redeemed on this screen, particularly if you want to limit to one checkout coupon per order.
    • Basket Coupons - These coupons can be redeemed on any page in the store. Most likely you will put the input on the basket screen. These coupons are fixed or percentage off coupons that are notdesignated as instant coupons. They are interchangeable with the checkout (non-shipping related) coupons. The difference is that the customer can redeem multiple basket coupons in a single order.
  • Prompt Templates Are Customizable
    You can customize and style the coupon prompts for all three redemption options.
  • Error Messages
    There are twelve error messages to notify the customer why an entered coupon cannot be used if it is not valid. You can change the content of those messages to suit your needs.
  • Limit Number Coupons Per Order
    You can limit the number of coupons which can be redeemed in a single order.
  • Coupon Usage Reports
    You can display detailed statistics on the coupons used for any time period. The reports list the order number, date, coupon code, email address, value of the coupon, order total, summary count and totals. The utility reports can be further filtered to display only a specific coupon code or coupons with a specific string of characters within them. This latter filter lets you track coupon usage in specific marketing campaigns or related to specific affiliates. You can also export the list of email addresses which used the coupons listed in the report and email that list to you. These are your loyal customers; contact these frequent shoppers and bring them back with more coupon deals.
  • Hide from Price Groups
    You can hide the coupon prompts from all price groups or just some of the price groups.
  • Google Checkout Module and Coupons
    You can use the fixed discount, percent discount or free shipping type coupons with the Google checkout module.
Coupon Attributes:
  • Coupon Code
    • Regular Coupons - Any combination of letters and/or numbers.
    • Coupon Templates - If this is going to be a coupon template which is used for the auto-generation of unique sub-coupons, there are other characters which are used to identify the coupon series. You can prepend affiliate codes to the coupon so you can identity return on investment from various sources in your usage reports. You can even dynamically assign the product the coupon can be used with when using as a Deal of the Day discount.
  • Coupon Type
    • Fixed Discount - Deducts a set amount from the order total.
    • Percent Discount - Deducts a percentage from the subtotal. It may be from all products or justselected products.
    • Free Shipping - Gives free shipping for the entire order no matter what shippingmethod the customer chooses.
    • Fixed Discount & Free Shipping - Combination of fixed discount and free shipping in one coupon.
    • Percent Discount & Free Shipping - Combination of percent discount and free shipping in one coupon.
    • Fixed Discount Off Shipping - Deducts a set amount from the chosen shipping charge.
    • Percent Discount Off Shipping - Deducts a percentage off the chosen shipping charge.
    • Prorated Shipping - Gives free shipping to products you specify within the order as if they were not in the order. Other products are still charged shipping.
    • Free Product - Buy X get Y free (or discounted) or buy X and get 2nd X free or at a discount.
    • Combo Fixed Discount - Deducts a set amount from the order total if all the eligible products specified are in the basket.
    • Combo Percent Discount - Deducts a percentage from the subtotal. It may be from all products or justselected products. All eligible products specified must be in the basket.
  • Redemption Value
    A flat value or percentage off the order total is assigned to each coupon. You can restrict percent calculations to specific products' subtotal.
  • Maximum Value
    Since percentage off coupons could amount to a large discount, you may want to limit the discount amount off the ordertotal.
  • Order Minimum
    You can specify a basket minimum before a coupon becomes valid, e.g. can only be used if the basket total is $100 or greater.
  • Expires
    An optional expiration date can be included which will prevent its use if the date has passed. If you are creating a coupon template (which permits auto-generation of unique sub-coupons) this value will be the number of days the coupon is good before it expires.
  • Reduce Tax
    Based on your state's tax requirements, the coupon can be designated toreduce the sales tax or not reduce it.
  • Coupon Usage
    • Multiple Use - The coupon can be used at every visit by any customer who shops at your store. This is usually used as a promo to customers, user lists, clubs, etc. You can limit the number of times (maximum use) that each multiple coupon can be used.
    • One Time for Each Customer - The coupon can only be used for one visit per customer. When the same customer shops at your store a secondtime, if he/she uses the same coupon code, it will be rejected. This isprobably the most common coupon and is usually used in print ads or as a promo, e.g. "$5.00 off on your next visit".
    • One Time Use Unique Coupon Code - The coupon can only be used once. Once any customer has used this code, it becomes unavailable for any other purchase. This is often used as a customer relations tool, e.g."sorry for the inconvenience, please accept this coupon.....".
  • Eligible Products
    You can restrict usage of a coupon in your store so that it can be usedonly if a specific product code is in the basket. You can list several product codes,any of which in the basket would make the coupon valid if the otherrequirements are met. If using the percentage discount, you can make it so only those products in the product code list will be used in the discount calculation. You can use a wild card like ABC* instead of individual product codes if they begin with the same string of characters, e.g. ABCxxxxxxx. You can also restrict the coupon usage down to the attribute level so that a specific attribute option mustbe selected to make the coupon valid. You can make the eligible list into an ineligible list so that any products except those specified will make the coupon valid.
  • Eligible Categories
    You can restrict usage of a coupon in your store so that it can be used only if products from specified categoriesare in the basket. This feature can be used instead of the eligible products list. You cannot use both product and category restrictions for the same coupon.
  • Instant Coupons
    Instant coupons are redeemed on the individual product screen. As the product is put in the basket, the coupon discount is instantly applied and displayed in the basket. More than one instant coupon can be redeemed in a single order (subject to the limit number per order). Instant coupons are particularly useful if you want to send out a link in an email with the product code and coupon code in the link so the customercan click the link and it puts the product and coupon in the basket automatically.
  • Zone (Location) Restriction
    You can limit the usage of a coupon to a specific area/zone. Begin the inputwith ONE of these: SC- SS- SZ- BC- BS- BZ- The first letter indicates the ship to (S) or bill to (B) address to be compared to the restriction list. The next letter indicates the scope of the zone: country (C), state (S), or ZIP code (Z). Then follow that with a hyphen. After that you would put in the eligible location codes.
The module currently fully supports MySQL as long as load balancing has the data stored on the single MySQL server and permissions are set correctly on the data directories. This would be the case in most of the server setups.
Release Notes
Release Notes

Version 5.08 (6/30/2021)
5.08 - Updated API Verison to be 5.70 and added following functions: Module_Customer_Head, Module_Fulfillment_Head, Module_Shipping_Head. 
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Emporium Plus creates and licenses plugin modules for Miva Merchant, a highly extensible eCommerce shopping cart application for the Internet.

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