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Developer Sandbox by Phosphor Media

Developer Sandbox makes it easy to update code and content on your Merchant store without your customers seeing a "work in progress."

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Show Results, Not Your Work.

Developer Sandbox makes it easy to update code and content on your Merchant store without your customers seeing a "work in progress." Add new pages, revise content, change the look of your entire site and more...all while your site is live. And the best part: when you are satisfied that the changes are ready, a single click makes all the changes LIVE!.

In the past, you'd typically make these types of changes on a separate development site. Problem is, once you were done, you still need to copy ALL the changes you made on the dev site to the live site. This duplicated work still exposed your customers to possible errors, especially when the changes affected multiple templates.

In addition, unless you were extremely careful, errors could still crop in from incorrect updates...and if that happened, it meant reverting back to the previous templates and starting over. Or, you had to figure out how to update the database differences in order to switch your live site to the updated development site.

Manage Multiple Update Projects From a Single Place

Sandbox lets you create and manage multiple "projects" at the same time. Create one for Checkout Update, another for Product Page updates, a third for Home Page updates, and so on. Each project can have multiple members who will be able to see the changed code and content.

Easily Control Who Can See the Changes

Sandbox lets you assign members (users who can see the changes) to projects based on either their IP Address or a Merchant Customer Account. Members can have multiple entries, for example, one associated with their work IP address, another with their home IP address, another for their mobile phone or device and so on.

Instantly Make Changes Live or Revert Back

One of the unique features of Sandbox is its project state control. Projects can be set (and therefore their guarded code and content throughout various templates) to be Active, Bypass, or Live.

  • In Active state: only members of a project can view the sandboxed code and content.
  • In Bypass state: the sandboxed code is hidden from everyone. This is useful when you, as a project member, want to see how original page looks.
  • Live: The sandboxed content appears to ALL viewers regardless of whether they are project members or not. This state is used to turn your updates live when you are satisfied with the results. Afterwards, at your leisure, you can remove the sandboxes from the template.

Not Just For Code/Content Changes

Sandbox's convenient member access abilities also makes it useful for controlling access to various content on your site without resorting to the use of availability groups. For example, we frequently use it on our Client sites to hide pages that only the company's employee's should see: special ordering instructions, how to guides, policies and procedures etc. On another client site, it's being used to protect access to "premium content" that only certain customers have access too. And, on yet another, its a special ordering page for salespeople and affiliates.

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Our Guarantee is simple:
Phosphor Media Guarantees that you if you are not 100% Satisfied or convinced that our modules are a net benefit to your business, you can request a refund for the full purchase price of the module within 30 days of purchase.

Release Notes
Added IP address related records deletion. Fixed missing button in Customer Users tab. Important: also update Inspector and Faux Order if you have these modules. Miva 10x compatible.
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