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Easy Contact™ is an incredibly simple to use customer communication tool to fundamentally change your relationship with your customers.


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Know More About Your Customers Than They Do.

Three new great features: Give your customers more control over the Easy Contact Prompt, let customers see all of their subject options at once, easily find specific messages or patterns of messages.

Easy Contact™ is an incredibly simple to use customer communication tool to fundamentally change your relationship with your customers. It installs in minutes, and you can point and click to match its appearance to your site. That's it. All the programming is done for you.

I'm really liking this module. I know store owners would benefit from it. I'm always asking my clients to find out where the customer was, what browser did they use, how did they get there, etc. As a Miva Merchant web developer, I know I can save my clients time, money and sales when they have a web site issue, Easy Contact nails it for me.

Leslie Kirk, Miva Merchant Developer -

Communication - When And Where Your Customers Need It

Customers no longer have to wander your site looking for a Contact Us form. Easy Contact's prompt is always visible - yet unobtrusive. When we installed Easy Contact on our site, our contact requests increased 200%.

Understanding What They Mean Is Everything

Customers are used to asking questions that rely on you filling in the blanks. For example, if they asked you if a jewelry box came in antique leather, how would you know which of a dozen boxes they are talking about? Easy Contact will tell you.

Ask the Right Person

No more email forwarding, delays and dealing with clumsy formatting of messages. Is this an order question? Send it to your fulfillment email address. Are they asking a product question? Send it to your sales email address. Do you have a web developer on call? Send technical questions directly to them. Make your business look more professional by ensuring that an expert answers every question (even when that expert is you). Easy Contact's simple Subject manager lets you determine the contact categories and assign specific emails to each one.

We have been communicating with customers via email and telephone for years but the Easy Contact log gives us information that is almost impossible to get by asking the customer. Most of our customers don't have a clue about whether cookies are enabled but the log answers the question for us. When we ask about browsers, the typical customer says, "What's a browser?" Now the log gives us the answer without asking. With Easy Contact we can solve most problems and answer most questions in a single response instead of six. It's a very smart thing!

Bill Dunn, Owner -

Get the Information You Need

When a customer contacts you, Easy Contact captures hard to obtain information about them. You can use this to increase sales, satisfaction, retention and repeat business.

For example, Easy Contact tells you:

  • Previous order history (if available). Know if a product they are asking about works with the last products they bought. Spot High Value customers.
  • Click path (each page a customer has gone through). Helps you troubleshoot or improve navigation problems. Avoid telling them something they already know.
  • Cookies enabled. One of the main causes of checkout problems. Since Easy Contact will also tell you which browser they are using, you can send them specific instructions on how to enable them. (Many customers just don't know--trust us...we see this all the time.)
  • Geographic Location (City, State, ZIP). Helps resolve possible shipping issues. For example: if you know that you can get a better rate to their location than your shipping modules will provide, give them a special offer to seal the deal. Helps detect fraud: if they want you to ship to California, but they are in Indonesia, that's a huge red flag. Lets you know that the 8:30 PM time stamp is Eastern Standard time, when you are on the West Coast.

Within minutes of installing Easy Contact, we had an inquiry from a prospective client. We were able to see the specific items the customer was referring to in his question and provide the needed feedback to secure the sale. It virtually paid for itself in minutes. Thank you Phosphor Media for a great module!

Brian Carr, Owner -

And More...

Includes built-in spam blocking technology. And if spammers get smart enough to get through this, we'll build a better one. With Easy Contact, you are not alone.

Keeps a log of all messages sent in the Modules Admin so you can easily see trends and patterns of questions and issues.

100% CSS. While you can point and click your way to making Easy Contact match your site, the entire display is 100% CSS. So, if you've got CSS chops (or know someone who does), there is no limit to how you can stylize the appearance of Easy Contact.

You know that more and better customer communication results in increased satisfaction, more sales, repeat business and word of mouth. Now you have a tool to make this happen: Easy Contact.

Easy Contact at least tripled the number of inquiries we get per day. Everything from "please provide a quote" to "what size are your panels?". Each of these inquiries are an opportunity to make a sale and make a customer.

Even questions like "why does freight cost so much?" gives us not only valuable feed back on the barriers to purchase, but a chance to close that deal as well.

Nick Quatrochi, Marketing Manager -

New: Let customer control the display. Customers can now minimize the Easy Contact prompt and restore it when needed.

New: Let customers see all of their options at once. Choose to show the list of subjects in the Contact window as either a drop down list or radio buttons.

New: Easily find specific messages or patterns of messages. Each column in the module's View Messages interface can be sorted and searched (filtered).

Here's just a few Miva Merchant stores using Easy Contact:

  • (yup…them)
  • www.oregonperformancetransmission

and many more.

100% Success Guarantee.

We stand behind our products.

Our Guarantee is simple:
Phosphor Media Guarantees that you if you are not 100% Satisfied or convinced that our modules are a net benefit to your business, you can request a refund for the full purchase price of the module within 30 days of purchase.

Release Notes
Fixed click path function and customer orders function. Miva 10x compatible.
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