Merchant HTML WYSIWYG Editor v5

Merchant HTML WYSIWYG Editor v5 by Advanced Development Solutions

This module is no longer being updated and has been replaced by our next generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor module, which was designed to replace this one. It uses the latest version of FCK Editor and eliminates the issues experienced by its predecessors.


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This module is no longer being updated and has been replaced by our next generation WYSIWYG HTML Editor module, which was designed to replace this one. It uses the latest version of FCK Editor and eliminates the issues experienced by its predecessors. No more browser limitation, slow response or a need to login none-securely. The editor has been written to not be effected by Merchant updates and changes. Developers now have greater control of what pages the editor is available. The new editor is now offered at a substantial saving.

Advanced Development Solutions has taken a popular HTML Editor for the Internet, developed by Frederico Caldeira Knabben and customized it to work seamlessly with Merchant Administration. Allowing store managers to easily bring rich content to their stores without ever using an external editor or writing HTML directly. All text area fields in the Merchant store administration, that do not contain User Interface Items, will have this option. This includes Store, Category, Product and Third Party Enhancements. The editor is fully compatible with User Interface Entities, making it easy to integrate dynamic content with HTML. We also offer this module for an older version of Merchant.

I have the Merchant HTML WYSIWYG Editor module installed and working on, and I have to tell you that I am very impressed. Frankly, I was a bit concerned about using a module in a production setting that had just been released, but this is something that I have been waiting for someone to develop for a long time. After using it for a few minutes I had no more concerns. Now my clients can easily enter and edit product descriptions, category headers, and the storefront without having to scroll sideways or learn what

tags are. I built the entire site in Miva using openDesigner, and the content for each page is contained in User Objects. Your module is an essential tool for managing that content. Bravo!

Paul Neal
NealTech Web Services, Inc.

The editor provides many HTML editing feature like:

  • Font formatting: type, size, color, style, bold, italic, etc
  • Text formatting: alignment, indentation, bullets list, etc
  • Cut, Paste and Past as Plain Text, Undo and Redo
  • Paste from Word cleanup with auto detection
  • Link creation
  • Anchors support
  • Image insertion, with upload
  • Table creation and editing (add, delete rows, etc)
  • Table cells editing (size, colors, etc)
  • Form fields
  • Right click context menus support
  • Double click edit menu support
  • Spell checker
  • Multi-language support with automatic client language detection.
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5+
  • Automatic browser detection

Editor installation and functionality has the following requirements:

  • Module will conflict with MvCool Launchpad. To use the MvCool Launchpad with this module, contact the developer to obtain HTML Editor version with support for the Launchpad and special instructions.
  • Editor will not be available for fields that contain HEAD, BODY or Merchant User Interface Items.
  • Editor will not function through SSL Merchant Administration login.
  • FTP access required to copy editor used images and javascript files.
  • Merchant Versions older then 4.0 must be installed by a Advanced Development Solutions. A modification needs to made to Merchants "" file in order for this module to function properly.
  • Javascript enabled Internet Explorer 5.5+ browser.
Developer Info

Advanced Development Solutions

Since 1998, ADS has developed web and media design projects. We specialize in customizing MIVA Merchant and creating custom MIVA apllications. Our success comes from providing and upholding true commitment to development innovations, customer communications and guaranteed service. The belief that customer satisfaction and trust are the key factors to our success makes ADS the premier web and media design choice for consumers and businesses. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, ADS provides web design, e-commerce, web applications, CD-ROM interactive media and other business presentations.


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