Order Custom Fields for Checkout and Admin Notes/Updates

Order Custom Fields for Checkout and Admin Notes/Updates by Emporium Plus

Create an unlimited number of order custom fields. Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout.

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Create an unlimited number of order custom fields. Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout. You can include as many addendum type checkout questions in your form as you want. You can assign fixed or percentage of subtotal fees or discounts to any of the questions and optionally restrict their application to a specific response. You can even create multiple custom fields for donations which allow the customer to enter the amount they want to contribute during checkout. Display responses in the email, invoice screen, order edit screen, pick list screen and batch reports. If customers have an account, the order custom fields can be synchronized with customer custom fields so that specified checkout responses can be saved with the customer's account and not deleted if/when the normal order data is deleted.

In admin, store owners can use the order custom fields to maintain notes about an order and enter shipping status/tracking numbers so that customers can keep informed about their order status. Enter updates from the individual order edit screen or use the built-in flat file or xml file import feature for bulk updates. An optional order status update email can be sent from the order edit screen or the bulk import. You can specify which order custom fields can be viewed by the customer. Customers do not need to create an account, but can still check their order status on a page you design.

The search tool allows you to search orders for specific time periods and for a specific term in several of the order standard fields and all of the order custom fields. For example you can identify all orders which donated to a specific charity between Jan 1 - 31, 2010. Or you can search all orders which contain the product code widget. You can even export the bill to email address from the results to a flat file. So if you wanted to thank contributors to a charity or notify customers about a recall, the address list will make that task much easier.

Module Features:
  • Checkout Custom Fields
    • Collect supplemental, required or non-required responses from customers at checkout
    • Store owner has complete design layout control of the questions to match the store's look and feel
    • Use standard HTML syntax, with or without css, along with store morph code
    • Text, radio, select drop down, text area, and checkbox inputs designed the way you want them
    • Place questions on one of the three checkout pages
    • Rollover feature to span the questions across two of the checkout pages
    • Use conditionals to limit the display of questions based on the ship/bill to country or products in the order
    • Specify text label/prompt for each question displayed
    • Collect responses from survey or poll questions
    • Customer can enter gift card messages
    • Special instructions for the order, e.g. shipping or delivery needs
    • Record salesman or representative code
    • Save IP address with the order if legal and covered in your published privacy policy
    • Assign a fee to any response, for example gift wrapping fee or rush handling
    • Allow donations to one or more organizations with customer entered amounts for each
    • Assign a negative amount (vs positive fee) for impromptu sales, simple coupon, etc
    • Fees and discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the order subtotal
    • One or more responses can be required before customer can proceed, i.e. an agreement page
    • Configurable, question specific error messages when required response(s) are omitted
    • Display checkout responses in emails, invoice screen, order edit screen, pick list screen, and batch reports
    • Sync checkout responses with existing custom customer fields and automatically update
    • Included merchant email module displays responses and has subject tokens like order ID, name, etc.
    • Included batch report module lists responses and puts a page break between orders in the batch report
    • When used with our Mail Manager module (sold separately), send response specific order emails
    • When used with our EZ Batch Report module (sold separately), include responses in the order export

  • Admin Notes/Order Info Custom Fields
    • Add, update, delete order custom field data in the order edit screen
    • Order search feature (see slideshow) with link to order edit screen for fast updates
    • Search by order#, name, email, login, state, product code, product name, custom fields, date range
    • Use "ship to" state search for summing taxes collected for a specific state and time period
    • Export the bill to email addresses to flat file of those customers in the search report
    • Customers do not need to create an account, as fields are tied to the order, not the customer
    • Update status of an order, e.g. shipped, backorder of some items, cancelled if not using built in system
      • List tracking number information for one or more shipments
      • Tracking number link can go directly to shipper's tracking page
      • Built-in flat file and xml import capability for updating several records at once
      • Order custom fields export creates a xml file you can easily edit to update orders using bulk import
      • Display one or more custom field values that you specify/allow on an order status page which you design
      • Customers can access the order status page if they match the order number and order email
      • Include a reorder link on the order status page
      • Allows customers to view the order status without logging in or creating an account
      • Optionally send a html formatted email to the customer when the status is updated

Works with both MySQL and MivaSQL.

We license the Emporium Plus modules by domain/mall. Hence, if you have 10 stores under a single mall (merchant.mvc), our modules can be used under the single domain license. No need to purchase multiple licenses for each of your stores under a single domain/mall. Each store will get their own unique order custom fields module license key which will be available by virtue of the domain license. The license is for one domain/mall and cannot be sold, transferred, or re-distributed. If you have another store in a different domain, that would require another license.

Compare this module with our competitors' pro or advanced or ultimate versions. Those are just words tacked onto a module name. Don't let our low price fool you - compare features and you will find this module probably contains all of the order custom fields features you need. If you don't see a feature you need related to order custom fields, let us know, we may add it. Replace other checkout question and order status modules with this easy to use single module.
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Emporium Plus

Emporium Plus creates and licenses plugin modules for Miva Merchant, a highly extensible eCommerce shopping cart application for the Internet.

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