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Pushnami helps Miva merchants convert more of their traffic into sales with targeted web push notifications.

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Unlock a new marketing channel: Web Push Notifications
Pushnami helps Miva merchants convert more of their traffic into sales with targeted web push notifications. Whether you are a small and growing ecommerce brand, or a well-established ecommerce titan, push notifications are the missing piece to your Miva tech stack.
Built-in automations help you recover potentially lost revenue (browse abandonment and cart abandonment) and increase repeat sales from your subscribers (product recommendations and flash sales & promo campaigns)
Recover Abandoned Visitors & Carts
Automatically send notifications to users that left before adding anything to their cart, and those with items still in their cart, reminding them to checkout. We pull in the product images and the products in their shopping cart. Customize the wording to urge them to complete the checkout process.
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
It costs a lot of time, money and resources to acquire a customer. But how can you turn them into repeat customers? That's what Pushnami helps you do! Recommendation Engine proactively sends notifications with related products they would most likely buy next. Plus we support full promotional and flash sale campaigns, allowing you to send time-limited offers and deals to your subscribers.
What makes us different from other push providers?
  • Powerful segmentation of your subscribers based on location, device, browser, and store activity actions. You can also create your own custom variables to use in segmentation
  • Subscriber opt-in strategies. Maximize your opt-in rates so that you can capture more subscribers while delivering a great brand experience and protecting your domain reputation.
  • Machine-learning powered optimizations. Not sure what offer to send to what subscriber? Our ML system can assist you in the scheduling and optimization of all of your campaigns and offers.
  • Transparent reporting through your own dashboard that helps you stay on top of your performance numbers.
  • US-based support, plus dedicated account management for enterprise clients.
Supported on all major browsers and android phones without requiring the visitor to download an app.
  • Chrome: Desktop & Mobile (Android Only)
  • Firefox: Desktop & Mobile (Android Only)
  • Safari (Desktop Only)
  • Microsoft Edge: Desktop
  • Opera: Desktop
  • Note: push notifications are not supported on incognito browsers
Free subscriber migration
We offer free subscriber migration services for anyone using another push notification platform like Hextom, iZooto, PushOwl, Omnisend, Firepush, Aimtell, OneSignal, PushEngage, Push Owl. Contact us for more details.
Release Notes
Version 1.0
  • Released the initial version of the Pushnami Miva Merchant module.
Developer Info


Pushnami was founded in 2017 to help solve a common issue many marketers were facing: traditional channels were drying up and brands needed new ways to message to and monetize their online audience. After cementing ourselves as the leader in web-based push notifications, we expanded our platform to offer marketers a comprehensive messaging and monetization platform that helps them deliver the right message at the right time, no matter the device. We are now the 2nd largest push notification platform in the world, used by more than 20,000 global sites and deliver over 20 billion notifications per month on behalf of our clients located in over 60 countries.


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