Shipping by Product by Zip Code Zone

Shipping by Product by Zip Code Zone by Emporium Plus

Calculate shipping by product as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the product's cost, the method of shipping AND by the "ship to" ZIP Code Zone.

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Calculate shipping by product as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the product's cost AND by themethod of shipping AND by the "ship to" ZIP Code Zone. Each and every products' shipping cost is summed to arrive atthe order's shipping cost. This MIVA Merchant module provides flexibility to combine flat rate and percentage of subtotalcalculations on a product by product basis. Not compatible with the current google checkout module as that module does not use the customer's address to select the shipping methods available.

Easy admin configuration of per product shipping charges. The store owner initially sets up the available storewide shipping methods and rates for the store. You canhave multiple methods for as many ZIP Code Zones as you establish. You establish which ZIP Codes belong towhich ZIP Code Zone. You can then let the storewide methods and rates apply to each and every product in the store oryou can establish "Shipping Override" by product or by category. If you desire every product in a category tohave a shipping cost different from the storewide costs, you set up that category's "Shipping Override"methods from the Category tab. You can even use some storewide and some category specific. Then if youhave specific shipping costs for specific products, you can select the "Shipping Override" tab in the productedit screen. You can use the storewide methods and rates or override with the product specific rate. Theproduct specific rates take precedence over the category specific rates and the category specific rates takeprecedence over the storewide rates. All products in the store are included in the calculation. You cannot use this module to only run shipping costs for an isolated product because the customer can only select one shipping method. Hence, identify the cost, either storewide or override, for all products in the store.

Fixed cost or percentage of item price. The "Shipping Override" costs can be set as percentage or fixed amount and need not use the samecalculation formula as the storewide calculation for the same method. The "Shipping Override" charges caneven be zero so that shipping can be free for certain products or categories. As an example, the store mightcharge $4.00 for each item for priority mail. However, they may charge 2% of the item's cost in the jewelrycategory. As the shipping module summed the costs, it would apply the $4.00 to each item that did nothave a "Shipping Override". Then it would multiply the 2% times each purchased item's cost in the jewelrycategory and add it to the sum.

Handling charge option. The module even provides an input for a handling or base charge. That amount can be different for eachmethod of shipping and is added after all of the individual product shipping charges are summed.

Display this module's shipping methods based on destination. Like our other ZIP Code Zone shipping modules, you can have different methods and rates for different areas ofthe country. When the customer enters their "ship to" address during checkout, the module determines whichshipping methods will be available to that customer. Only methods established for their "ship to" ZIP Code willbe visible in the shipping and payment selection screen. The module uses the first 3 numbers of the ZIP Codeto match with the zones.

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Emporium Plus

Emporium Plus creates and licenses plugin modules for Miva Merchant, a highly extensible eCommerce shopping cart application for the Internet.

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