Simple Warehouse Order Management

Simple Warehouse Order Management by SWIM

No matter how simple or complex your operation is, SWIM helps you manage your orders and warehouse like no other system can.


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*Try SWIM for free for 60 days! No credit card needed. Built by a MIVA enterprise customer, SWIM integrates seamlessly with MIVA and your other sales channels (Amazon, eBay). More than just shipping. SWIM: - Manages and tracks your orders through to completion - Quickly audits every order for 100% accuracy, which saves you lots of $$ Rate-shops your carriers for the best shipping price before printing labels - Manages the inventory in your warehouse: bins, restocking, cycle counting, bar coding, etc. - Updates inventory to your sales channels in real time - Gives you valuable insight into your operation so you can make informed decisions: sales velocity reports, order products on time, reward productive workers - Can be as simple or as complex as needed. Available add-on features include: robust dispatching features, bar-code product scanning, auto replenishment tasks, employee permission levels, multiple warehouse or stores, etc. - Helps make your shipping operation fun! SWIM gamifies tasks so your employees stay engaged and competitive.
Release Notes
Usually, the best applications are created by people who actually use them. The creators of SWIM are the same folks who use SWIM. So we’re not a just a group of coders living in a theoretical world, we actually run warehouses and ship thousands of orders every day. We really understand both the complexity needed in a warehouse management system, but also the design simplicity needed so that users can learn and utilize our system quickly. Our creative team is made up of business owners, warehouses managers and experienced software developers.
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