Ultimate Category Tree Plus v5+ - New Features!

Ultimate Category Tree Plus v5+ - New Features! by Advanced Development Solutions

This module provides more then just a replacement for Miva Merchant Default Category Tree. It’s packed with features providing almost unlimited control of Merchant Category Navigation.



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This Category Tree Template module provides much more then just a replacement for Miva Merchant Default Category Tree. It is packed with features providing Store Designers, Developers and Administrators almost unlimited control of Merchant Category Navigation. Features like category tree expansion level control, using Jump Menu, Advanced Jump Menu and DHTML style navigation, using variations of a category tree in multiple areas of a page, Search Friendly Links capability, Menu-driven tree padding, tree prefixes, tree suffixes and category product counts, category tree Headers/Footers, individual category level CSS, and more. The module also provides extra Category Fields which can be used for additional Category Content, Category Tree Image Swap and SEO purposes. We have also included our New Smart SEO Link Processing™ and .htaccess File Editor, in the latest version, making Search Friendly Links implementation easier then ever. Using this module gives you the ultimate control of Merchant Navigation, SEO, plus much more...

ADS Ultimate Category Plus Features:

  • Quick and Simple Module Installation and Configuration.
  • Automatic installation and page assignment of module required item.
  • Automatic template modification of Category Tree related page templates. Previous template versions will be available through template version history.
  • Store Morph Technology(SMT) based Template for quick Category Tree layout administration. Version History for easy access to previous template versions.
  • New in v5.001 - Smart SEO Link Processor™, providing for a way to use the shortest Search Friendly Links possible. Setting up links like:, and is now easier then ever. The Smart SEO Processor™ also automatically resolves to the Merchant Store Front page if none of the above codes are available.
  • New in v5.001 - .htaccess File Editor, provides a quick and easy way to create and edit your .htaccess file directly through the Merchant Admin interface. The editor also provides built-in backup and restore functions. FTP access is no longer required to implement the ModRewrite rules needed for optimum SEO.
    NOTE: Please Exercise Extreme Caution with .htaccess files as they can take your entire site down. If you are not sure what you are doing, contact a developer for assistance. Advanced Development Solutions, Inc. will not be responsible for any issues caused by an improper use of this tool.
  • Item-Driven Category Expansion Level Control allows you to keep the category tree expanded to a desired level, while maintaining its ability to further expand as needed. This is done at runtime, without having to make any template adjustments.
  • Menu-driven control of Tree Padding, Prefixes, Suffixes and Product Counts. No template editing required, but is available for advanced users.
  • Multiple instances and variations of the Category Tree Template can be used at the same time, and even in the same Page. This provides ultimate flexibility and lets you break up the Navigation into individual pieces. As an example, you can place the top level categories on the Top Navigation and display the sublevels on the Left Navigation.
  • Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) control of Individual Category Levels.
  • Category Tree template can include additional content, such as Category Tree Headers and Footers. This content can be static or dynamic.
  • Module Provides five additional fields for each Merchant Category. These can be used as additional Category content, Image Swaps, Search Engine Optimization, and much more... The fields are:
    1. Alternate Title
    2. Title Image 2
    3. Tree Image 2
    4. Category Brief Description
    5. Category Keywords
  • Module automatically creates three default Category Templates when it is first installed. All installed templates are immutable so they can't be deleted when clearing version history. Detailed use for each template is included. The templates are:
    1. Original (Default Template) - Miva Merchant Default, with Ultimate Cattree Plus features. Full use of Additional Category Fields, Item-Driven Tree Expansion Control, Menu-Driven Extras Tree features, Multi Instance Tree Use, etc..
    2. ADS Cattree Jump Menu - This is a Traditional Style Jump Menu, where all of the Merchant Categories are listed. This provides one click access to any category in your store.
    3. ADS Advanced Cattree Jump Menu - This is an Advanced Search/Configurator Style Jump menu, where user selects from a drop-box for each of the levels in the category tree as they drill down the categories. The category page is automatically refreshed as each category level is selected, providing information and products along the way.
  • Merchant Category Controlled DHTML Menu capabilities.
  • Module provided Render Tokens can be used in any page related template(s). Render Tokens can be used in Page Templates, Product List Layouts, Messages, Headers, Footers, etc.. Templates used must be Store Morph Technology(SMT) templates.

Please Contact Us with any questions about module features.

Module installation and functionality has the following requirements:

  • MIVA Merchant Version 5.0
  • MIVA Engine Version 5.03 or newer. Contact us for module versions that support older MIVA Engines.
  • Settings and control this module provides are used in conjunction with a pre-installed "ads-ultcattreeplus" Item, any Merchant related templates and Category Tree templates.
  • HTML and Merchant template scripting knowledge is required in creating and making template modifications. If you do not have these skills it is recommended you contact ADS representative to get assistance with template design and customization.
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