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Wait List Manager by Emporium Plus

Customers can identify products that they would like to purchase but are currently out of stock. Once you place the product in stock, you can run the Send Email routine from the module admin interface.

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Customers can identify products that they would like to purchase but are currently out of stock. Once you place the product in stock, you can run the Send Email routine from the module admin interface. It sends an unlimited number of notifications as one process, using Miva Engine functions to prevent timeout. Each waiting customer will receive an email telling them that the product is back in stock in your Miva Merchant store. This module is for MIVA Merchant 5.x. We also have the corresponding module for an older version of Merchant.

Important Note. This module only works on inventory by product code. If you have implemented inventory at the attribute level, this module will not work for your store.

The module works with Miva's Inventory Management (version 5.x). The Wait List Manager will automatically insert the Wait List link on the product page when the quantity is out of stock. This is determined by the global default or individual product's "out" setting. You can even block the automatic link insertion by including the product code in the blocking list through the admin interface.

When the customer clicks the Wait List link they are taken to a form to verify/enter their email address. If they are logged in, it inserts their email address for them. If not, they just type it in. The form also lists the number of other customers waiting for the item if that number is 5 or above (just to the right of the product name). This will give customers a sense of urgency when they receive the in-stock notification. Whenthey add themselves to the list, you have the option (in admin)of sending them a thank you (for their interest) email. If you employ this option, it will also tell them their position on the Wait List. When products are in short supply, that maybe something your customers would like to know. Also, if they are already on the Wait List, and sign up again, it will not duplicate their record, rather it will email them that they are already on the list and what their current position is on the list.

The admin configuration screen allows you to vary the name and/or image associated with this program so you aren't locked into the term "Wait List". You can also change the colors and fonts in the form along with the verbiage in the form and notification email. You may even want to pass on a coupon code in the notification email for customers who have been waiting for a product.

When editing an individual product in admin, you can also display all of the Wait List records associated with that product. They can be deleted manually in this screen if you don't plan to restock the item. There is also a handy link for mailing them to verify their continued interest in the item. You can even limit the notification in this screen to just some of the waiting customers. This is useful when you only receive a small number of the out-of-stock item and there are many more waiting for it. Since the entries are arranged in order, it is easy to give those on the waiting list the longest, the first shot at the newly re-stocked item.

You can quickly get a summary of all of the items on "WaitList" to provide you with a re-order, based on demand, tool.

When you Send Email, the module searches all products with a stock level above zero and checks the product code against the Wait List database.Pending Wait List customers are notified of the re-stock of the product and their Wait List record is then deleted.

To help the store owner identify needs quickly, an optional CC email can be sent when an item is wait listed.

You will use render tokens in the Merchant 5page templates to insert the Wait List prompt.

There is an alternate template form for the customer to enter their name and email address. This template can be HTML customized to suit your look and feel. If you are not skilled at coding HTML, you can still use the default (built in) form which is customized with colors, fonts, etc with easy inputs in admin.

The module currently fully supports the mivasql configuration of MIVA Merchant 5. It also supports MySQL as long as load balancing has the data stored on the single MySQL server and permissions are set correctly on the data directories. This would be the case in most of the server setups. If you are using Merchant 5.x and your host is, you will not be able to use this module due to the way they configure their servers. There are no known issues with other hosts.

We have incorporated wait listing into the Emporium Plus Tool Kit module. We recommend you use the Tool Kit for wait listing as it gives you more control of the email layout and the notifications are more automated.
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