Wolfpaw Fraud Screening and Detection v9.501

Wolfpaw Fraud Screening and Detection v9.501 by WolfPaw Hosting LLC

Integrates MaxMind's (maker of the GeoIP® location database) minFraud screening and detection system with Miva Merchant. Stops credit card fraud, card testers. Blocks countries.



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Miva Merchant Compatibility: 9.x, 5.x

* Licensed Miva v5 module owners click here to download patched version for Miva v9

The credit card fraud solution used by Miva Merchant in its own stores and by Miva Central. Endorsed by Rick Wilson, EVP of Miva Merchant. Virtually eliminated credit card fraud at Miva Central.

"Some criminal was using my website to test credit card numbers. Your module has saved my business. Thank you for your product."
.... Joe Knoche, Echo Records

This new version adds the following features:

  • IP Whitelisting - orders from whitelisted IPs will not trigger a fraud check or MaxMind query.
  • Analyzes http headers to detects browser's IP address even if your website is behind a proxy, load balancer, CDN or translation server.
  • Country Blocking - use the settings in your MaxMind account to allow or deny orders from any number of countries.
  • Package includes an additional component/item version of the module for use with one-page checkouts or heavily modified stores where the system extension module version fires too often or not at all.
  • Uses your Miva mail configuration to send notification emails.
Integrates MaxMind's (the makers of the GeoIP® location database) minFraud fraud screening and detection system with Miva Merchant. MaxMind's fraud screening service examines online transactions and applies extensive fraud screening checks centered around IP geolocation, proxy detection, and reputation data. By leveraging non-personally identifiable data from thousands of merchants and comprehensive analysis, MaxMind's antifraud system is able to identify traits and patterns associated with fraudulent orders.

This module will help stop credit card testing and fraudulent orders. It can save you money on authorization fees, improve your merchant decline ratio, refund ratio and chargebacks - and may qualify you for lower credit card fees. The module sends merchants a fraud analysis email for each potential order or for only those exceed that exceed a preset risk score. If desired, the module can also reject orders that exceed a preset risk score before the payment gateway is contacted for credit card approval.

Fraud screening includes analysis of numerous factors including the geographical distance between the location of the customer's browser to the claimed billing city, state and country; high risk IP address analysis; location of customer's telephone number and postal code; free and high-risk e-mail analysis; open proxy detection; shipping remailer detection, and more.

Please note a minFraud account and license key is required. For only $10.00/month you get 2000 minFraud queries.

For more information on the minFraud System

To signup for a minFraud account

View module installation, configuration, usage instructions, screen shots and sample merchant email notifications

How the module works

The Wolfpaw Antifraud Module intercepts all orders and checks for possible fraud before the order reaches the payment gateway. All orders are checked - even COD, Simple Credit Card Validation and offsite gateways such as PayPal and Amazon. A fraud analysis email is sent to the merchant and, if desired, fraudulent orders can be declined prior to credit card authorization - thereby reducing your authorization fees, improving your merchant decline ratio, refund ratio and chargebacks - and possibly qualifying you for lower credit card fees.

To protect against the loss of legitimate orders the module provides for extensive logging, setting of order decline and email notification thresholds and customizable screens providing alternative order instructions in the event a legitimate customer is declined.

To prevent module processing or connections errors from halting your store the module can be configured to email the merchant and accept all orders in the event of an error (this is the default). To prevent an over-sized log file from halting Miva Merchant the antifraud log file is automatically rotated after it reaches 50MB's.

Initial Configuration

Until you become familiar with the module leave logging turned on, email notification threshold set to '0%', and the decline threshold set to 100%. This will insure that all legitimate orders are accepted. You can manually review suspect orders before you ship. Afterwards you can raise the email notification threshold and lower the decline threshold to numbers you are comfortable with.


You can block any number of countries from ordering at your store. Go into your MaxMind account and click on 'Country Block List.' All countries are listed. Change the radio button next to a country to 'Block' and the Risk Score for transactions originating from that country will be increased to 100. Or select 'Block All' and then just allow the countries you want.

Change the 'email-to' address for notifications to your email address and put your phone number in the screen decline and processing error messages.

The default email notification and decline threshold settings are very conservative. The risk score for email notifications is set to 0% - this means you'll get a fraud analysis email for every order attempt. The risk score for order decline is set to 100%. This means no orders will be declined by the module.

After you get used to the email notifications try raising the risk score for email notifications to 3%. We find that most legitimate orders have risk scores under 2%.

If you want to block fraudulent orders from passing to your payment gateway then reduce the risk score for order declines to under 50% and make sure the 'decline message' in the module's configuration says what you want (correct phone number, etc) - so a legitimate customers will call you if they accidently gets blocked.

Mathematically you can calculate the risk score to use. You'll want to make sure that the average profit gained by accepting an order is greater than the average cost of accepting it. Here's a simplified formula to help you with this calculation. Please note that this is a generalization and does not apply in every case

If (profit on the order) * (100 - riskScore) > (fraud loss) * riskScore, then process the order.

Here the 'profit on the order' is the money you would make if the order is legitimate and the 'fraud loss' is how much you would lose if the order were fraudulent (e.g. shipping, chargeback fees, cost of goods, etc.).

On a very simplified basis if you assume no shipping cost or chargeback fees then if your gross margin is 25% you would decline any order with a fraud probability higher then 25%.

View installation, configuration and usage instructions and screen shots

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WolfPaw Hosting LLC

Wolfpaw Hosting LLC is a Miva Merchant Premier Hosting and Development Partner.


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