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Get more Amazon product reviews and feedback. Software for merchants to boost their Amazon business, repair feedback, improve product reviews, and automate high-volume emails.

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What makes FeedbackWhiz the best Amazon seller management software you’ll ever use? Everything you need to simplify and effectively grow your Amazon business.

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Product Reviews

Organize, view, and group all your product reviews in a single screen. Analyze, manage, and get instant notifications when negative reviews are posted. Protect and repair your brand name using our review to buyer matching tool. Feedbackwhiz provides the total solution to acquiring and maintaining positive product review ratings. The number of ratings and product reviews is one of the deciding factors of your product ranking as well as sales ranking. Manage, monitor, and acquire product reviews for any product sold on the Amazon marketplaces. Get alerted immediately when a negative review is posted so you can quickly respond and repair your brand.


Create customized emails and fully configured campaigns to maximum positive feedback. Prioritize urgent negative feedback to address unsatisfied customers and maintain a great reputation with minimal effort. Automatically target positive feedback with smart selective requests. Now you can monitor all your important statistics and alerts to increase your seller metrics and improve your brand reputation. Filter by order type, rating level, and status before reaching out directly to the customer or Amazon at any time.

Email Automation

Build powerful email sequences tailored to individual products and buyer behaviors. Create effective custom templates with our live preview editor using custom variables, emoji’s, animated gifs, file attachments, custom HTML, and much more. Boost your response rates by creating personal, targeted, eye-catching email templates to incorporate into campaigns. Tailor each message to include names, delivery details, order history, and unique links for reviews and feedback. Build a relationship with each customer and increase your chance of getting a positive review by sending the right email at the right time. Send selective requests that target orders by delivery, SKU, product type, destination, and previous customer behaviors. A/B split test targeting specific subject lines and content to find the perfect email your customers will open and convert.

Notification Alerts

Setup your account so if someone hijacks your listing, changes the title or your lose the buy-box you get an email notification. Protect your seller account and protect your reputation with this new feature.

Order Management

All your orders, customer data and order metrics synced and fully integrated on one platform screen. Search, filter, analyze and download with ease. Intuitively designed to save you time and keep you focused on selling. Instantly track order status, find the best-selling products, pinpoint and promote to returning customers, and identify returns from a single window. No more logging into Seller Central at inconvenient times to search for a customer’s name and email. Immediately email customers to resolve issues the minute they show up with the click of one button.


Increase profitability by focusing on intelligent insights that inform key decisions. A/B test campaigns, open rates, access and download historical customer data to create custom audience or look a like campaigns on Facebook to re-target your customers.

Time Savings

FeedbackWhiz unifies all the tools you need to run your business, automates repetitive tasks in seconds, and saves you hours so you can concentrate on expanding your business and making money.

Which Amazon marketplaces are supported?

  • Amazon USA
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Japan

Feedback Management Features

  • Negative feedback notifications
  • Neutral feedback notifications
  • Feedback removal notifications
  • Send feedback removal request emails
  • Track all feedback received
  • Filter only 1, 2, 3 star feedback
  • Track emails sent
  • Amazon support quick link
  • Feedback analytics

Product Review Features

  • Negative review notifications
  • Positive and neutral review notifications
  • Advanced review search engine
  • Find keywords to identify trends
  • Product selector tool
  • Group by ASIN product view
  • Respond to reviews via comments
  • Competitor tracking
  • Add notes to reviews

Email Automation Features

  • Custom email creator
  • Click and drop variables
  • Custom links and text
  • Logo & file upload
  • Insert product images
  • Live order email preview
  • Send test emails
  • Send emails based on delivery
  • Send emails at specific times
  • Target specific orders
  • Exclude orders from solicitation
  • Exclude orders with feedback received
  • Target only orders with promotions
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Email open statistics
  • Global buyer blacklist
  • Buyer unsubscribe
  • Duplicate email detection

Order Management Features

  • Advanced search engine
  • Search by any time frame
  • Search with 20+ different variables
  • Do not solicit option
  • Send instant emails to any order(s)
  • Find repeat buyers
  • View pending & unshipped orders
  • View delivery status
  • View promotional orders
  • View feedback and rating
  • View emails sent per order
  • View email statistics per order
  • View shipping status per order
  • Direct link to Amazon order page
  • View up to 200 orders per page

Usability and Functionality

  • hassle and worry free.
  • Usability and Functionality
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Powerful and easy to use UI
  • 100% Amazon Compliant

Superb Support

  • Superb Support
  • Live chat interface
  • Knowledge database + Help Center
  • Critical email notifications
  • Free seller insight and articles

Data Security

  • Data Security
  • Encrypted using latest ssl and https
  • Powered by Amazon AWS
  • Secured using leading industry standards
  • 24/7 active security and test programs
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At FeedbackWhiz, we work hard everyday to continuously design and embed new solutions into our platform. Our success and expertise in the high-tech software industry and retail Amazon marketplace allows us to create fast, reliable, and intuitive software solutions. We strive to deliver nothing but the best and make certain our clients are not only satisfied, but successful in the Amazon marketplace.


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