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Updated for 9.0006

The Iron & Wool ReadyTheme is a powerful and detailed theme designed to enhance your online store. With countless built-in capabilities you are given the tools to customize and create a modern website with seamless functionality. The Iron & Wool Theme allows stores to display extensive amounts of product effectively without sacrificing the sites usability. Your customers will appreciate the stylish presentation and easy to use navigation within your online store, making shopping a quick and hassle free process for all who use your website.

Like all of our Miva ReadyTheme websites the Iron & Wool Theme is 100% responsive right out of the box. The CSS files get compressed to make the files smaller and faster to deliver. These small performance gains will help your Miva site run smooth and load quickly for your customers across all their devices.

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Release Notes

4/19/2018 Release Includes:

  • Updates for 9.7/8/9
  • Support for Square

Version 1.5.0

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Version 1.1.0


Installing the Iron and Wool ReadyTheme

Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva is a modern ecommerce platform that evolves with your business. Miva generates ROI for your business, keeps you competitive, and empowers you to scale. At Miva, our mission is to empower independent sellers to control their destiny and thrive. We help businesses exceed their own expectations, sell their own way, and succeed on their own terms.


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