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Kount Complete™ protects against digital payments fraud, allowing merchants to achieve desired business outcomes around chargeback and decline rates, as well as operational costs. It is the industry’s most comprehensive, all-in-one solution that reduces fraud, protects digital businesses, and increases revenue. Kount Complete is powered by Kount’s AI, the new frontier of AI-based fraud prevention that protects digital businesses from sophisticated fraud attempts. Trained to recognize patterns that have not been seen before, it detects complex and automated fraud in milliseconds. Running dynamic supervised and unsupervised machine learning in parallel, Kount’s AI quickly detects anomalies, provides link analysis, and automatically evaluates and weighs features to quickly identify different types of fraud. Kount’s AI produces Omniscore, an actionable fraud payments score that simulates the judgments of an experienced fraud analyst. Kount
Release Notes
9.05 (10/14/2019)
Change made to add “noparse” flag to mvcalls to fix possible errors in parsing the response.

9.04 (10/11/2019)
Bugs Fixed

Fixed bug impacting production URL being sent to sandbox

Initial Release: Version 9.03 (released 9/13/2019)
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