Miva Merchant Synchro - Sync With QuickBooks

Miva Merchant Synchro - Sync With QuickBooks by Miva, Inc.

No more exporting, importing or time consuming data input! Miva Merchant Synchro provides a quick and efficient way of moving data between Miva Merchant and QuickBooks®.


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"Miva Merchant Synchro has made a simple and fast job out of what use to take hours..."

- Susan Petracco
Store Owner/Webmaster

No more exporting, importing or time consuming data input! Miva Merchant Synchro provides a quick and efficient way of moving data between Miva Merchant and QuickBooks®.

Miva Merchant Synchro does all the work for you with one click of the mouse. You can even schedule it to automatically synchronize at set intervals.

Add or update products, customers and inventory in QuickBooks and Miva Merchant Synchro will update the data in Miva Merchant.

Miva Merchant Synchro can also synchronize with multiple Miva Merchant storefronts and/or multiple QuickBooks files.

System Requirements:
Requires QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise. (Not included)

Supported Versions: Access QuickBooks version information here.

  • Miva Merchant Synchro will synchronize Miva Merchant with QuickBooks.
  • Synchronizes products, customers and orders.
  • Customizable Field Mapping
  • Assembly Items
  • Retrieve Payment Information
  • Easy setup with wizards.
  • Ability to synch automatically at user-specified interval or manually.
  • Downloads Miva Merchant orders and creates QuickBooks Invoices or Sales Receipts.
  • Can be configured to ignore changes in either Miva Merchant or QuickBooks if desired.
  • Automatically manages inventory.
    Selective synchronization - Can synch all or only selective products.
  • Automatically creates customer accounts in Miva Merchant from orders.
  • Mailing list integration with Miva Merchant Mailer.

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QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. Miva Merchant Synchro is designed for use with the U.S. versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise, software only.
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Indispensible Time Saver
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Date: January 1, 1970
Synchro takes the place of a full-time bookkeeper and it is much more accurate.
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Release Notes

Release notes for version 1.78 (12/21/2020)

  • SYNCHRO-172: Synchro, custom field mapping, ampersands in miva custom fields can cause XML parser errors.

Release notes for version 1.77


·       SYNCHRO-37: Synchro doesn't Map Miva Merchant SKU field for products

·       SYNCHRO-124: QuickBooks custom fields on non-inventory parts (Products) gives error on add

·       SYNCHRO-150: Synchro field mapping for SKU doesn't work correctly

·       SYNCHRO-153: Synchronization crashes when payment method mappings specify an invalid invoice type

·       SYNCHRO-156: Miva address line 2 is not supported for orders or customers

·       SYNCHRO-157: PurchaseTaxCodeRef is not properly handled in Item QBXML

·       SYNCHRO-158: Synchro product sync is broken when using quickbooks pro 2009

·       SYNCHRO-159: Synchro, pushing inventoried products from QB to miva can cause duplicate inventory product count records.

·       SYNCHRO-160: Synchro can upload products to miva that do not have a name.

·       SYNCHRO-161: Synchro, syncing customers from QB to miva creates duplicate records in QB.

·       SYNCHRO-163: Unknown error returned when miva synchro user password is expired.

·       SYNCHRO-165: Synchro, properties, fields, opening the fields dialog causes duplicate custom field records in sNN_MSyFlds.

·       SYNCHRO-166: Synchro error when inserting QB custom customer fields.

·       SYNCHRO-167: Synchro does not correctly identify the version number of 10.x stores

·       SYNCHRO-168: Fatal and runtime error when configuring inventory for a store using synchro. (mysql strict)

·       SYNCHRO-169: Miva Synchro Connector does not get installed at the store level in mm10.

·       SYNCHRO-171: Fatal and runtime error when updating customer settings on a store using synchro.


Release notes for version 1.76


  • 25436 Configuration should be stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software, not HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE
  • 26914 Updating Miva synchro updates the miva synchro connector module but leaves it deactivated. 

This release should resolve many of the vanishing configuration issues customers have been experiencing.

Anyone having issues with the Miva Merchant menu not appearing in QuickBooks will need to run QuickBooks using the run as administrator option, after which the menu should reappear. This appears to be due to a bug in QuickBooks and is unrelated to this update.  


This new release will install on top of your existing synchro installation, the 1.76 synchro connector module gets uploaded to the store when you synchronize for the 1st time using the new 1.76 version of synchro. 


Release notes for version 1.75

Bug # Description

  • 5851 Synchro helper: Retrieving payment information with encryption enabled now works.
  • 16589 Accented characters transferred to a Miva Merchant store using character set UTF-8 render correctly.
  • 18141 Synchro no longer crashes on the windows
  • 1252 euro symbol.
  • 18892 Non-ASCII characters in customer names no longer generate invalid logins.
  • 20928 New QuickBooks field mappings:

Customers, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts:

  • Shipping Address: Note
  • Shipping Address: Line 5
  • Billing Address: Note
  • Billing Address: Line 5
  • Inventory Items, Non-Inventory Items, Inventory Assembly Items:

Manufacturer Part Number

  • 21300 Availability and Price Groups from Merchant stores using UTF-8 encoding and accented characters now appear correctly in QB.
  • 21330 Connector module now has a description that is displayed in the Utility Settings ==> Add/Remove Module interface, and other places.
  • 21424 In-line editing of products and customers now correctly flags product or customer for synchronization.

Module API version has been updated to 9.03, and appropriate functions implemented.

  • 21477 Synchronizing deleted products and customers now marks them as inactive in QuickBooks.

"Accented characters" are Windows-1252 characters between 192 and 255 (0xC0 and 0xFF), and they are mapped to UTF-8 characters between U++00C0 and U+00FF. Characters between 128 and 191 are displayed as-is in Synchro, and replaced with the interrobang symbol (U+203D) in Miva Merchant. UTF-8 characters above U+00FF are replaced with a question mark in Synchro.

Release notes for version 1.74

Bug # Description

  • 5894 Some QuickBooks queries are using the highest available QBXML version, rather than the version that the query can actually handle.
  • 20737 Customer synchronization with QB18R8 and higher gives "given object in the field is invalid" due to unhandled ContactsRet block.

Release notes for version 1.73

Bug # Description

  • 19738 An order with product attribute text greater than 4000 characters will give a "Description is too long" error and crash Synchro. 19656 To avoid using promotional text, Synchro needs a different method to retrieve the Miva Merchant version.
  • 19734 The license in Synchro Registration shows the wrong revision date and other information. Correct date and other details appear during installation.

Release notes for version 1.72

Bug # Description

  • 5604 Cancelled orders synch to QB as valid orders.
  • 5895 Object "" specified in the request cannot be found. When synchronizing customers with Preferred Payment methods in QuickBooks Pro 2008.
  • 6140 Synchro does not log out its user after it's completed synching.
  • 6490 Processing payment for an order wipes out all payment data.
  • 6757 Synchro doesn't Map Miva Merchant SKU field for products.
  • 10090 Invalid SSL certificates are permitted for registration and contacting Miva Merchant sites.
  • 13835 Version in configuration not updated [or pointlessly being updated] in Synchronize_Upgrade.
  • 14375 Customer properties: Sync Direction should not be active if neither "Synchronize Customers Create in..." checkboxes are selected.
  • 15103 Title of module is misleading.
  • 15588 Synchro causes an assertion abort with product names that contain diacritics.
  • 16097 Running add new store wizard with a new user crashes synchro.
  • 16425 Invoice synchronization has missing required tags for qbxml 3.0 API, generates empty tags.
  • 16522 Configuration "version" setting is either unused, or undocumented.
  • 16598 Synchro_Action SLST is obsolete and wrong.
  • 17847 No available session seats needs to be trapped and reported.
  • 17878 Default license manager URL is incorrect.

Version 1.77 can be downloaded here


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