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Email Marketing Automation for Miva Merchant. Deep data sync. Behavior based automations. Real time segmentation. Easy one-click Plug & Play installation. Flexible pricing.

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Behavior-based email & SMS marketing automation for Miva Merchants. Sendlane helps you generate more revenue and create a dazzling customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back again & again.

UPDATE: Integrate Miva and Sendlane help docs and module download

From 24/7/365 world-class support and top-notch deliverability to powerful features and a simple user interface, get the tools you need to make email marketing the #1 revenue generator for your store. Use Sendlane’s Deep-Data for Miva integration to build your base of loyal, repeat customers through email & SMS marketing. Leverage 100+ data points on every customer to send tailored messages and trigger hyper-personalized funneled based on orders, frequency, interests, CLTV, AOV, and everything in between. Get started in just a matter of minutes with Sendlane’s easy one-click integration and connect multiple Miva stores under one roof at no additional cost.

Easy one-click integration (We’ll do the heavy lifting for you)

  • Connect multiple stores inside one Sendlane account
  • Unite your email & SMS marketing efforts under one roof
  • Trigger personalized email & SMS messages based on individual
  • Get a birds-eye view of real-time data and contacts growth and activity
  • Leverage customer data from your Mivastore to create multivariable segments

Sendlane Features at a Glance:

  • Behavior & Event-Based Marketing Automation
  • SMS Marketing & Automation w/ Reply Center for Conversations
  • Email Marketing Campaigns & Automation
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Multivariable Segmentation
  • Audience - eCommerce Customer Data Platform
  • Experiments Multivariate Testing
  • Multi-store management
  • Intelligent Pop-up Forms
  • Sendlane Beacon Tracking
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Free Migration From Your Current Provider

Sendlane offers flexible pricing (as low as $83 a month and up) that works for your business (optional contracts & NO setup fees).

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Release Notes

V2.0026: Adjustment notes: The accepts SMS marketing feature has been added for all users.

V2.0025: Adjustment notes: The accepts marketing feature has been further optimized for all users.

V2.0023: Adjustment notes: table indexes were adjusted and cleaning scheduled tasks logs was added.

V2.0021: Adjustment Notes: This module upgrade made the module more resistant to DB basket table changes when Miva releases updates.

V2.0020: Adjustment Notes: This module upgrade addressed issues with Miva V10.01 merchants where there was a runtime error due to data table composition that varied from Miva 9 stores.

V2.0019: Adjustment Notes: This module upgrade was made to include the base URL in the module's payload.

V2.0018: Adjustment Notes: Changes were made to how legacy image modules are used to populate product images within certain stores using legacy modules to store images for their products. Revision included: the revised version aimed to neutralize the issue causing the AC not to populate.

v2.0017: Update addressed an issue with the abandoned cart functionality that caused some data not to be passed. The Sendlane module has been reconfigured to optimize the abandoned cart functionality and fix these issues.

V2.0015: update fixed issues with custom fields not being passed within the items of an order and other webhooks.

V2.0014: addressed a runtime error caused by a field being too large and prevented the customer from installing the module into their store.

V2.0013: addressed post purchase automation Issues that MWB had reported.

V2.0012: Addressed numerous SQL issues causing runtime errors.

Made stability improvements to the Cart Cleanup task

Code Refactoring 2.0010: Changes: Addressed compatibility issues with Miva 10

Optimized Abandoned Carts feature


Please download our installation doc to get step by step installation steps. Estimated install time: 10 Minutes. MIVA for Sendlane Plugin required.

Integrate Miva and Sendlane help docs and module download


Check out this guide!

Sendlane + Miva =

  • Easy 10 minute installation process (we’ll do it for you!)
  • Automatically collect historical and new customers and funnel them into Sendlane
  • Capture and trigger abandoned cart communications
  • Trigger behavior-based automation funnels based on individual product purchases
  • Leverage real-time multivariable segmentation with data from your MIVA merchant (plus Sendlane data as well!)
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Sendlane is an email marketing automation platform for eCommerce which boasts deep data segmentation and behavior based automations.


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