Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Signifyd enables merchants to provide friction-free buying experiences by shifting fraud liability away from merchants.


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100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection for Ecommerce

As the world's largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd leverages big data, machine learning and domain expertise to deliver a 100 percent financial guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks on every approved order. This shifts the liability for fraud, allowing you to increase sales and focus on your core business.


Zero fraud liability
If you receive a fraudulent chargeback on an order we approved, we pay you back within 48 hours including chargeback fees & shipping.

Ship more
With Signifyd's industry leading approval rates, accept more domestic and international orders that you would normally decline.

Automate your back office
Skip the research and the wait for a customer call-back. We'll also automate your back office so that orders are fulfilled automatically.

A few steps to get started
Save time and resources by simply installing the app to integrate with Signifyd and start seeing orders come in with full data enrichment.


Automatically send orders to Signifyd for chargeback protection
When a customer places an order with your Miva Merchant store, Signifyd automatically reviews the order and tells you whether to ship it or not. We back our decisions with a guarantee so you can focus on growing your business with zero fraud liability.

Configure order workflows based on Signifyd’s guarantee decision
Save time and resources by automating your back office based on Signifyd’s decision, automatically shipping good orders and canceling fraudulent ones. Use Miva's Order Workflow tools to create custom Order Queues and Workflows to automatically move an order into a queue based on Signifyd's guarantee decision.

Quickly Access the Signifyd Case From the Miva Order Page
Get quick access to the Signifyd case directly from the Miva order page to view our fraud analysis, request a re-review, or submit for reimbursement.


We offer the following two plans for Miva merchants:

Complete Mid-Market: $1,000 / month. Includes $125,000 approved orders, 0.8% per additional guarantee.
Complete Enterprise: Contact us for custom plans based on volume and rate based on risk assessment.

Signifyd's Guaranteed Fraud Protection covers merchants against chargebacks associated with fraud or unauthorized charges. For more information on our chargeback coverage and criteria, check out our reimbursement policy.

Additional Documentation:

Integration Guide

Privacy Policy

Release Notes
Version: 1.000

Initial Release with features including:

- Device Fingerprinting
- Automatic Case creating
- In admin case creation
- Support for Webhooks for case updates
- Sending of Shipment Data to Signifyd
- Shipping Method Mappings
- Support for Order Queues + Order Workflows

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