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Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards by Zinrelo

A modern-day, omni-channel loyalty rewards program

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About Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards
Zinrelo is a modern-day, loyalty rewards program helping to maximize repeat sales frequency and per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement.

Key Features of the Enterprise-Grade Loyalty Rewards Program by Zinrelo:
1. Easy to use loyalty rewards program:
Simple adminstration from Zinrelo admin console, makes it easy for people to operate. The API first platform gaurantees future extensibility and integration. Easy pre-built integrations with all systems offers more convenience.
2. Omni-channel support
Zinrelo loyalty rewards program can be deployed seamlessly across desktop, mobile and brick-and-mortar environments. A mobile SDK is available for your Android or iOS app.
3. Powerful Marketing Promotions Engine
Zinrelo facilitates the Marketing Promotions Engine, it includes a business rules feature that can help you build sophisticated reward scenarios that can maximize user engagement. Examples are: * 10X points for Category = SHOES * 5X points for Category=SWIMWEAR * Double the referral reward points if the referred purchase order value is greater than $300 * Birthday bonus: 200 points for Gold Tier, 300 points for Platinum Tier.
4. Avoid discounts. Preserve margins
Zinrelo helps you run loyalty promotions to create repeat buyers and avoid one-time bargain hunters. The platform offers flexible reward options to maximize margins.
5. Powerful Platform Features
Zinrelo comes pre-configured with the right features for most businesses. Here is a partial list of features - * 360 degree engagement * Business rules engine * Fully customizable, completely flexible * Loyalty Tiers * Loyalty Dashboard * Flexible redemption options * Loyalty points expiration * Cashback programs * Custom email notifications * In-built notifications * Universal user profile * ROI based reporting * Powerful API access * Mobile SDK * Highly scalable platform and many more!
6. Data driven approach
Zinrelo’s data driven approach is empowering brands to create powerful promotional strategies by fueling them with advanced data analytics.

Start your program for free today and see how easy it is to launch a loyalty rewards program using Zinrelo.
Release Notes
Zinrelo Module v1.1 (July 1, 2019)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.1 has the following enhancements
- More secure way to authenticate users.
- Ability to award points when an order is shipped.
- Enhancements to the in-cart redemption functionality.
Zinrelo Module v1.0 (April 8, 2019) The latest Zinrelo module has the following features
- Automatic insertion of integration javascript.
- Purchase tracking for loyalty points award
- Ability to redeem points at checkout page.
Download the pdf file for installation instructions for the latest Zinrelo Module.
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