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Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards by Zinrelo

Zinrelo is a modern-day, loyalty rewards platform that maximizes repeat sales and per-customer revenue through 360-degree customer engagement, data sciences and machine learning.

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About Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards

Zinrelo customers see an 80% increase in repeat sales, a 50% improvement in profitability and 2.4X per-customer revenue. Zinrelo is seamlessly integrated with the Miva platform. It enables businesses to easily launch a highly customized rewards program. Zinrelo believes that data is the key to a successful rewards program. We use data in a way no other loyalty company does. Zinrelo has been rated as the #1 loyalty rewards software by G2 Crowd.

Key Differentiators of the Loyalty Rewards Platform by Zinrelo:

  1. Data Sciences Approach – Our data sciences team analyzes past purchase data to deliver a perfect fit rewards program optimized for your business.
  2. Machine Learning for User Segmentation and Targeting – Machine learning techniques are used to segment loyalty members into actionable clusters.
    - Targeted loyalty campaigns such as tier upgrades, bonus points, double points, and other point’s incentives can be run against actionable segments to derive revenue.
  3. White Glove Service – Our white glove service handholds our Clients through the launch process.
    - Quarterly Business Reviews are conducted to analyze performance and review success plans.
    - Clients love Zinrelo’s support. Zinrelo has 5-star reviews on all major review sites.
  4. Blazing-fast Enterprise Grade Platform – Zinrelo is the fastest platform out there. It caters to thousands of businesses and serves over 100 million loyalty members.
  5. World’s Most Secure Rewards Program – Vulnerability Assessments conducted regularly...


Zinrelo loyalty rewards platform is loaded with features that are needed by mid to large businesses.

  • 360 Degree Customer Engagement
  • Built-in Referral Program
  • Reward Tiers
  • Powerful Marketing Promotions Engine
  • Fully Customizable & Fully Brandable Member Dashboard
  • Omni-Channel Program Implementation
  • Flexible Rewards
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Detailed Reports with Downloads
  • 100 Currencies Supported Including USD, EUR
  • Multi-language Support within a Single Loyalty Program

And many more…

See how easy it is to launch a loyalty rewards program using Zinrelo.

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Release Notes
Zinrelo Module v1.5 (Aug 5, 2023)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.5 has the following enhancements -
- Bug Fix : Fixed Issue related to Invoice Page Reported By Miva Support. Zinrelo Module v1.4 (Jun 1, 2021)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.4 has the following enhancements -
- Enhancement : Record purchase transaction in Zinrelo even if the points are set to be ordered when the order is shipped.
Zinrelo Module v1.3 (Oct 25, 2020)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.3 has the following enhancements -
- Bug Fix : Unable to redeem a free shipping reward from in-cart redemptions dropdown - Enhancement : Add ability to redeem a free product from in-cart redemptions dropdown Zinrelo Module v1.2 (June 25, 2020)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.2 has the following enhancements -
- Bug Fix for handling apostrophe in the username in javascript integration
- Modifications to the in-cart redemptions functionality

Zinrelo Module v1.1 (July 1, 2019)
The latest Zinrelo module v1.1 has the following enhancements
- More secure way to authenticate users.
- Ability to award points when an order is shipped.
- Enhancements to the in-cart redemption functionality.
Zinrelo Module v1.0 (April 8, 2019) The latest Zinrelo module has the following features
- Automatic insertion of integration javascript.
- Purchase tracking for loyalty points award
- Ability to redeem points at checkout page.
Download the pdf file for installation instructions for the latest Zinrelo Module.
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