Zonos Checkout for Miva

Zonos Checkout for Miva by Zonos

International selling made easy and a better experience for international shoppers! Calculate, collect, and remit duty and tax + fraud protection, global payments, and more!

Recurring Monthly Fee $250/mo or $2,400/yr (20% off) platform fee + setup fee. 6% transaction fee. $2 per order + 10% of the duties, taxes, and fees added to the landed cost.

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Zonos Checkout is designed to help you expand and sell globally without worrying about the complexities of cross-border. Create a first-class localized experience with our landed cost calculations, localized shopping experience, fraud protection, and powerful shipment rating. Let Zonos handle VAT threshold monitoring, in-country tax remittance, and reconciliation and gain the peace of mind to focus on what matters most—providing a great product to your shoppers.


Create a localized shopping experience

Greet your international shoppers with Zonos Hello: Offer currency conversion on your website, give visitors quick duty and tax estimates while shopping, and help them feel at home with custom messaging.

International payment processing: Give your shoppers a first-class experience by browsing and paying in their local currency. We handle the risk and complexity of international payment processing and offer quick payouts so you can focus on running your business.

Localized and translated checkout: Boost conversion by allowing international visitors to shop confidently and easily on your site as if they were shopping from a domestic storefront.

Up-front landed cost calculations

Total landed cost calculation: Avoid surprises, complaints, and returns by calculating and collecting duties, taxes, and fees from international shoppers with Zonos' industry-leading total landed cost calculations.

Guaranteed landed cost: Let Zonos handle the duty and tax bill and quit worrying about reconciling or disputing carrier bills.

Low-value tax threshold monitoring: Zonos will calculate, collect, and remit VAT without requiring you to register for IOSS or a VAT ID.

Denied party screening and item restrictions

Denied party screening: Never worry about shipping to a restricted party again. All orders are checked against various screening lists with Zonos Screen.

Product restrictions and messaging: Automatically notify customers of restricted items, prevent prohibited items from being included in orders, and upload customized global item restrictions by country with Zonos Restrict..

Powerful fraud protection

Fraud monitoring and protection: Every payment processed with Zonos goes through our world-leading fraud protection system, allowing you to gain peace of mind that you are safe in the complex world of international fraud.

Flexible global shipping and fulfillment

Carrier agnostic calculations: Connect your carrier accounts for complete control of your shipping rates. Zonos will include detailed carrier fees as part of your landed cost calculations, eliminating shipping-related surprises for you and your shoppers.

Powerful shipping rules: Easily customize your shipment rating with powerful shipping rules to provide the exact customer experience you are after.

International labels and customs paperwork: Easily create compliant cross-border labels with pre-filled customs paperwork or integrate Zonos with your existing fulfillment processes.

Carrier import fee discounts: Up to 50% off advancement fees for UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

10,000 included HS code classifications

Classify your catalog: Get the most accurate duty rates and quickest customs clearance with an included 10,000 yearly HS code product classifications through Zonos Classify, our industry-leading AI classification tool.

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Release Notes

Release Notes:

Version 9.61 (7/21/2023)
- Removed Miva’s built-in function and replaced it with a custom one that replaces all tags with a single space to keep words from running together.

Version 9.60 (6/6/2023)
- Added itemDescriptionLong as a mappable field

Version 9.59 (4/17/2023)
- Bug Fixes with Order Sync and Tracking

Version 9.58 (3/15/2023)
if an order is canceled in the Zonos Dashboard it will sync cancelled status to Miva and cancel the order in Miva. 
- This action will also return the inventory on a canceled order.

Version 9.54
- Adds support for Inventory WebHooks to prevent overselling

After Update go to the Zonos screen in the Miva admin, check the box at the bottom that says “Register webhooks?”, and then click the Update button. That will register the module to receive the INVENTORY_CHECK and INVENTORY_REFUND webhook calls. 
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