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This most comprehensive sales tax solution available for MIVA Merchant.


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Accurate Sales Tax Calculations for All US Addresses

The AccurateTax Enterprise TaxTools solution is the most comprehensive sales/use tax solution available for the Miva Merchant platform. This solution can be utilized across multiple states, it provides custom reporting features for assisting with tax remitance, and allows Miva Merchant storeowners to accurately determine a customer's location based on our own US Address scrubbing algorithm to then calculate the sales/use tax for a given tax authority. While the US Address Scrubbing and Validation service can be utilizes as a standalone utility, it integrates seamlessly with AccurateTax Enterprise suite to provide the most accurate address validation and sales tax calculation service available today.

The Enterprise version of AccurateTax expands on the capabilities of our Advanced solution, by offering support for multiple states, order completion/confirmation and roll-up reports, SSTP (Streamlined Sales Tax) support, and more.

When you set up this module, you will get a free trial of 30 sales tax calls to our system. You can install the module yourself or have one of our Client Managers assist you. Once the module is installed, you will need to contact us at with your license key and domain name so we can finalize your system configuration and activate your license.

Please note: the AccurateTax service is sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Your purchase of this module includes a free installation if you desire, the module itself and a free trial of up to 30 sales tax and 30 address validation calls to our server for the first month.

How Does AccurateTax Work?

AccurateTax was created as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means as you use the service you are charged for the number of calls your store makes to the server. A call is a single XML request for either Address validation or sales tax information. In a normal checkout sequence in an online store, a customer will insert their address information, at which time the store makes a "call" to our server to have the address validated. Once validation is complete the customer proceeds through checkout until a call is made to determine the applicable sales tax. Please note: you are only charged for sales tax calls for customers where you have a nexus - a physical location of your business and if you have multiple nexuses you can use this tool to specify only those states for sales tax, address validation or both.

AccurateTax Pricing

Pricing for each service is based on a monthly subscription charge and will depend on your expected number of calls. At any time during your initial trial of the solution you can contact us to setup your monthly subscription level. Pricing for subscriptions and additional information on our feature set and operations is available for your review on the AccurateTax site.

A note about versions: AccurateTax accepts two types of call requests - sales tax and address validation calls. The Basic offering includes sales tax calls only, while the Advanced offering includes both types of calls. So, a 30 call Basic package is for 30 sales tax only calls; however, a 30 call Advanced package has the same 30 Sales tax calls + 30 Address validation calls, so you actually get 60 calls (30 each) per month.

AccurateTax Supports...

AccurateTax Advanced TaxTools is THE BEST WAY to accurately calculate and collect sales tax from customers is destination-based sales tax states, where customers are charged different rates depending on the address the order is being shipped to. Five-digit zip-code based modules, such as our own Zip Based Sales Tax, as well as other similar modules, will not return the correct rate for a large portion of addresses in these states. If you use one of those modules, you should understand that you are likely not collecting the correct tax rate and you may be charged additional money in a sales tax audit.

AccurateTax supports all 50 states, including Washington, DC. Flat-rate and origin-based states don't necessarily need AccurateTax, though they can benefit from its other features, such as address scrubbing and tax reports. At the time of this writing, however, there are 36 destination-based states, and each of those needs AccurateTax to calculate accurate sales tax charges.

AccurateTax supports the following states:

  • Alabama Sales Tax
  • Alaska Sales Tax
  • Arizona Sales Tax
  • Arkansas Sales Tax
  • California Sales Tax
  • Colorado Sales Tax
  • Connecticut Sales Tax
  • Delaware Sales Tax
  • Florida Sales Tax
  • Georgia Sales Tax
  • Hawaii Sales Tax
  • Idaho Sales Tax
  • Illinois Sales Tax
  • Indiana Sales Tax
  • Iowa Sales Tax
  • Kansas Sales Tax
  • Kentucky Sales Tax
  • Louisiana Sales Tax
  • Maine Sales Tax
  • Maryland Sales Tax
  • Massachusetts Sales Tax
  • Michigan Sales Tax
  • Minnesota Sales Tax
  • Mississippi Sales Tax
  • Missouri Sales Tax
  • Montana Sales Tax
  • Nebraska Sales Tax
  • Nevada Sales Tax
  • New Hampshire Sales Tax
  • New Jersey Sales Tax
  • New Mexico Sales Tax
  • New York Sales Tax
  • North Carolina Sales Tax
  • North Dakota Sales Tax
  • Ohio Sales Tax
  • Oklahoma Sales Tax
  • Oregon Sales Tax
  • Pennsylvania Sales Tax
  • Rhode Island Sales Tax
  • South Carolina Sales Tax
  • South Dakota Sales Tax
  • Tennessee Sales Tax
  • Texas Sales Tax
  • Utah Sales Tax
  • Vermont Sales Tax
  • Virginia Sales Tax
  • Washington State Sales Tax
  • Washington, DC Sales Tax
  • West Virginia Sales Tax
  • Wisconsin Sales Tax
  • Wyoming Sales Tax
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AccurateTax is a simple way to calculate the right sales tax on all orders within the United States.


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