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Advanced Sales Reports by Island Technologies

The 'Advanced eCommerce Reporting Suite' is the most comprehensive reporting solution for MM on the market. The module is pre-configured to quickly and easily run the most common reports.



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Advanced eCommerce Sales Reports

The 'Advanced eCommerce Reporting Suite' is the most comprehensive reporting solution for Miva Merchant on the market. The module is pre-configured to quickly and easily run the most common reports. Advanced search options give you additional control over date ranges, price ranges, categories, countries and more.

Insights include:

  • sales summary snapshots
  • best sellers by price range
  • top performing price ranges
  • best selling categories
  • monthly performance comparisons
  • top revenue-generating countries
  • evaluate shipping charges
  • promo code reporting
  • shipping & tax reports

If you've tried using other reports and are frustrated with the results or need additional insights into your business, try our Advance eCommerce Reporting Suite -- a business intelligence toolset which helps you understand your store from the big-picture down to the performance of individual products.

Although some of these reports can be purchased as separate stand-alone modules, this module has the advantage that these reports work together.

This 9-Report module includes:

Sales Summary Report

We've integrated our 'Sales Summary Report' to act as the module "dashboard" to quickly display your sales, ordering trends and best sellers by year, month, week, day and hour.

Attribute sales figures are reflected in Order Item Totals and are also shown separately so store managers can report on attribute-generated revenue totals.

Tip: Click on the numbers in the Items column to see your best-selling products for that time period!

Line Items Report

A much more comprehensive report than the 'Summary Report', Line Items adds granular line item order data for a big-picture snapshot of historical sales and ordering activity. This report goes beyond simple sales reports by calculating Revenue totals and by determining the percentage of business each time period represents.

Line Items Report Columns include:

  • # Orders
  • # Items
  • Average Items
  • Average Revenue
  • Product Total
  • Coupon Value
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • Order Total
  • % Period
  • Revenue

Shipping Summary Report

Summary of order shipping charges. Use this report to determine if you're charging your customer too much or too little for shipping by comparing your actual shipping vendor costs with the totals shown in this report.

Using the new country filter feature, this report is especially helpful when auditing your international shipping costs.

Tax Summary Report

Summary of order tax charges, filterable by year, month, week and day and hour.

Promo Codes Summary Report*

Summary of promo code order line items, filterable by country, year, month, week and day and hour. Quickly see how many orders do/do not use coupons for any time frame.

Using the new country filter feature, quickly see if customers in a specific country are using your promotions!

* Coupon data only appears if your coupons appear as the COUPON type in order charges. Supported modules include: Coupon Redemption by EMPORIUM PLUS and Buy X Get Discount Off Y

Category Sales Report

Lists all category sales totals and number of items sold in each category. Click any category to view that category's product sales. Filter by date range.

Category Sales Report Columns include:

  • Category Name
  • Items Sold in each Category
  • Category Sales Totals

Tip: Get creative by adding special reporting categories (set to inactive to keep private) and add any products you want to see reporting for: sale items, new products, by manufacturer, product types, etc.

Product Sales Report

Lists all products and sales totals by date range.

Product Sales Report Columns include:

  • Product Name
  • Product Price (base price, does not include attributes)
  • Items Sold
  • Sales Totals (includes attribute totals)

Advanced Filtering Features:

  • Show all Products, or Filter by Category
  • Filter by Country to determine Best Sellers by Country
  • Filter by Price Range
  • Filter by Date Range
  • Quick Links for: All Time, This Month, and Year

Sales per Price Range Report

Which price range represents the greatest percentage of your business?

Quickly identify your most popular product price ranges and which ranges generate the most revenue or unit sales. Price range is adjustable from $5 to $1,000 increments allowing you to find the most relevant ranges for your product prices.

Tip: Click a price range to see product sales report for tht price range, which helps you identify which products are your best sellers in that price range!.

Sales by Year/Country Report

Identify which countries represent the largest portion of your international business, by year.

Click the sales figures to drill deeper into the report and see the data by month, week, etc.

Glossary of Terms

  • Average ItemsThe average products per order for the timeframe shown - useful to gauge whether your customers are buying fewer or more products during certain times of the year.
  • Item SalesThe number of items (units) sold.4 units of Product A = 4 items sold1 unit each of Products A,B,C,D = 4 items sold
  • % PeriodPercentage of business for timeframe shown. This is another way to identify and track sales patterns. Does December consistantly outperform other months by generating a larger percentage of annual income? Did a summer promotion increase May revenue? Consider this figure when making seasonal advertising and marketing decisions.
  • Product Total = Product Price x Quantity
  • Order Total = Product Total – Coupons + Shipping + Tax
  • Revenue = Product Total – Coupons
  • Revenue = Order Total - Coupons - Shipping - Tax

InstallationEasy to install yourself - no custom installation required.

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3 Total Reviews
Just what I had been looking for
5 out of 5
Date: January 1, 1970
This product gives me a very accurate, real time reporting of my sales. I'm a little obsessive about tracking sales and this module does the job that no other module could. And I don't even use a fraction of the reporting options. The only glitch was a compatiblity issue with a third party module (ADS AttributeMaster) that couldn't be tweeked and only affects one part of the report. 5 stars anyway.
Simply Fantastic
5 out of 5
Date: January 1, 1970
We are a record label and I needed a way to get sales figures for multiple products (music downloads) for each artists quarterly reports. Not only does this program do that, it also support cut and paste from its interface to quick books. This has made it possible for us to expand our sites services to soon start including many new artists! The graphic display of sales is very clear and professional looking and can be modified to show many kinds of sales statistics. The fact that we can display non-active categories allows us to create reports for each artist with ease. We have many Miva modules and this is the most sexy looking as well as fully functional one of the bunch. I works as advertised and I highly recommend it and its a steal for the price. To my eye they even look better and are much easier to create than quick book reports - and thats saying something.
Bogus reports
1 out of 5
Date: January 1, 1970
Category totals don't make sense and are understated. No documentation. Absolutely no customer support
3 Total Reviews
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Reporting modules from Island Technologies are ideal for business owners and store managers who need additional insight into store and product performance.


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