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The Colossus ReadyTheme combines the best qualities and power of Shadows with a world-class design and user interface, making it a great foundation for your new Miva store.

Because Colossus is built on the Shadows Framework, you get the newest responsive foundation available. This ensures that your customers have the best possible experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop right out of the box.

Speed & Performance

One of the primary goals of this new ReadyTheme was to provide the best user experience possible without sacrificing site speed and performance. Colossus was built from the ground up to be fast, leveraging all Miva’s latest native optimizations of both CSS and JavaScript to allow for deferred JavaScript and combined CSS and JS files, reducing the number of requests to the server.

Colossus uses "lazy loading" with certain images to optimize the customer experience, allowing the page to load as quickly as possible and loading new images as needed.


We believe that website accessibility is important and ultimately leads to better user experiences. Colossus comes with the foundations of accessibility out of the box, providing proper structured forms, form labels, button names, and contrast ratios between text.

Design & User Experience

Our expert design team spent months thinking through every detail on Colossus. We wanted to provide an out-of-the-box experience in which all you need to do is drop in your own images and products to launch a world-class Miva store.

Colossus includes a brand-new, redesigned My Account region for a better customer experience viewing order history, working with wish lists and managing customers addresses and saved cards.


Using the same robust checkout as Shadows, Colossus delivers a simple, clean, streamlined checkout process optimized for conversions and built to engage your customers from start to finish. This includes built-in order notes and a stripped-down navigation to remove potential distractions.


Colossus highlights the power and flexibility of Miva’s faceting engine and template layer. This theme includes faceting on both search and category pages in a brand-new, horizontal layout along the top of the page. To maximize space, facets will fill the viewable space based on the screen size. The addition of an automatic "View More Facets" option opens a slide-out, off-canvas menu, giving you the flexibility to select additional facets. This slide-out, off-canvas menus is the default view on mobile, providing a highly optimized facet experience on mobile devices.

Additional Features & Extensions

Colossus is the most feature-rich ReadyTheme available. New extensions include:

Accordion Category Tree Extension

Allows you to nest subcategories under the parent for a slimmer display.

Custom Selects Extension

Automatically converts the standard select element into a more stylish version without sacrificing functionality.

Omega Navigation Extension

Omega takes the Transfigure Navigation Extension one step further. Not only is it mobile-friendly, but it allows for the quick display of nested subcategories in a thoughtful layout.

Product Imagery Extension

This long-awaited extension brings the concept of a product image gallery to ReadyThemes. With it, you can display the image thumbnails in a vertical carousel next to the main image. Then, when you click to zoom, you can view all the product images as a carousel in a light-box.

Radio to Button Extension

Automatically converts the radio style product attribute into a more usable button.

Refinery Extension

This is a more stylized form of product faceting used on the category, product list, and search pages. It shows which have been selected, allowing for easy clearing of a single facet or all. Additionally, if you have a large number of facets, it displays the first few and allows for all to be viewed in an off-canvas menu.

Show Related Extension

Allows for adding show/hide functionality to related items which are not immediate children of the trigger element.

Subscription Combo Extension

This extension allows for the "Single Purchase" and "Subscription Terms" options on the product page to be contained in a more semantic and design-friendly way.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.4 (Released 01/11/2021)

Bugs Fixed:

Version 1.0.3 (Released 08/31/2020)

Bugs Fixed:


Version 1.0.2 (Released 2019/10/21)

Bugs Fixed:


Version: 1.0.1 - Released on 7/24/2019

Release Notes

This maintenance release addresses all issues contained in the v1.0.1 milestone.

Issue #1: Product in basket is being removed instead of the quantity being updated

Issue #2: WLGN - Not a smooth process

Issue #3: Subscriptions: Enforce Account Requirement

Issue #4: Image Machine - Single quotes in product names

Issue #5: PROD: Show More links repeat

Issue #6: PROD: Disappearing Thumbnails

Issue #7: Refinery: Small Amount of Facets Not Displaying

Version: 1.0.0 - Released on 6/27/2019

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Installation Documentation:

Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva is a modern ecommerce platform that evolves with your business. Miva generates ROI for your business, keeps you competitive, and empowers you to scale. At Miva, our mission is to empower independent sellers to control their destiny and thrive. We help businesses exceed their own expectations, sell their own way, and succeed on their own terms.


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