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Instapages is a visual editing system for Miva Merchant that you use create content in your store without cluttering up templates.


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Stop making new page templates every time you need content.

Tired of how long it takes to add content to your store? Instapages makes it easy.

What is Instapages?

Instapages is an editor for Miva Merchant used to create content in your store without cluttering up templates.

Who is it for?

Instapages is perfect for non-coders who prefer to work as visually as possible. Instapages also has a great code editor for people who like to get behind the scenes.

Why Instapages?

Super fast, easy to use, easy setup, and fits with your store's CSS for grids, layouts,
and other features. Speed up building your content pages without ever having to code a template again.


Instapages uses CSS from your store for layouts, grids, and more. You do not need any additional CSS or have to worry about conflicts.

Check out the editor demo to see the editor in action.

Content Blocks

Start by typing or creating layouts. Use the PLUS button to create all sorts of content blocks and keep building as you go.

Set styles and classes with a click.

Live Preview

Instapages uses your store's CSS for layout, grids, and other blocks so you can see what
it's going to look like before you publish.

Mobile Preview

Click on the mobile view button for a quick mobile preview to quickly see what it will look like in mobile view.

URI System

Uses Miva Merchant's built in URI system to optionally assign URIs to any content you create.

Drafts and Publishing

In-Store draft preview lets you make sure your content is 100% correct before publishing updates.

Scheduled Publishing: use scheduled tasks to set future publish dates.

Products & Categories

Check a couple boxes in the settings and then when you use Instapages to make product or category descriptions they show up automatically. No template coding.

Scot's Blogger and CMS

If you are looking for more a full featured blogging system or wordpress replacement for Miva Merchant, check out Scot's Blogger.

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Release Notes
1.007 Feb 16 2022
fixed sorting issues (based on order) with tag loading

fixed missing save buttons in code editor
added dynamic tag and code loading- l.settings:some_tag or g.settings_some_tag

editor updates
ui and performance updates

fixed an issue with some fields missing in table creation - be sure to click "update" after uploading
fixed some URI/URL issues

1.003 Nov 12, 2021
Fixed issue with loading default product content

1.002 Nov 6, 2021
Added scheduled publishing using scheduled task system
Updated URI system to handle more complex URIs
General UI enhancements

1.000 Initial Release
Developer Info

We are Miva Merchant experts and have been doing Miva Merchant SEO, custom Miva Merchant modules, Miva Merchant troubleshooting, and eCommerce site development since the late 90's.


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