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Scot's Blogger and CMS is a content based system with unlimited template possibilities for blogging, "static" page management, SEO, and more.

Price $249.00

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Scot's Blogger and CMS is a template based content management system that makes it easy to create any kind of content in your store when inspiration hits.

Create unlimited templates - regular store pages - and use the module to create content for things like SEO, ecommerce blogging, landing pages, marketing, managing old static html pages, and more, all within one system that makes it easy and convenient to manage content whenever you feel like it.

You might have the slickest store around, but if you don't have enough SEO related content your visibility suffers.This modules helps you get the most out of your SEO key words and phrases.

Create store page template to serve up unlimited content! Templates are store pages which means you can use any kind of page template coding you need.

This product is a dream come true for many of us! - Lynne Phelps, Digital Branding & Information Architext, Sy-Klone International

We really like how Blogger integrates with Miva so smoothly -

Perfect! Thanks for all of the expert support you have provided. This module has evolved into a very useful tool for me now and I would recommend it to others wanting a built in blog for Miva stores.
~Kris Larson, Larson Shutter Company

Blogging about your products is one of the easiest marketing strategies you have.

The only question is, how do you want to do it?

Scot's Blogger and CMS has you covered. No doubt you will talk to developers who will be quite convincing in their arguments for using Wordpress. Don't be fooled by this. There are very few reasons why any Miva Merchant store needs Wordpress, and many reasons why a store owner should not use Wordpress.

What it really boils down to is security, ease of installation, how it integrates into your store, eCommerce features, and cost.

Scot's Blogger


Installation Scot's Blogger is a module made for Miva Merchant.

You install the module and templates in a few minutes.

When you update global parts of your store like the nav bar or footer, you don't have to do anything to Scot's Blogger.
You need a custom theme which is a time consuming and expensive headache.

It can take months and thousands of dollars to get the theme to look and feel like your store. If you make any changes to your store, your Wordpress theme must be updated, again, at more cost.

Any updates to your header, footer, CSS, or other global items in your store has to be repeated in your Wordpress theme or customers will think it's a different site when they read a post.
SecurityScot's Blogger is as secure as your Miva Merchant store because it's part of your store.

You don't have to worry about anything.
WordPress is coded in PHP which is a non-compiled language and is vulnerable to hacking.

In fact, vulnerabilities are found on a daily basis. Do a search for "Wordpress exploits" to be sufficiently terrified.

Hackers find vulnerabilities in Wordpress all the time, and until the developers fix it, your store is at risk. Also, any one of those often anonymous developers could, and do, put back doors in their plugins which puts your site and your Miva Merchant data at risk.

You will need a lot of plugins help Wordpress act like Miva Merchant which means a lot of possible exploits into your system.

Plugins for WordPress are coded in PHP which means any bug in any plugin can be exploited which also makes your store vulnerable to hacking.
Integration Your store functions without any extra work.

Searching for products, the shopping cart, checkout, wish lists, readytheme content sections, every aspect of your store is right there.

Scot's Blogger is part of your store.
Wordpress does not integrate with your store.


Everything has to be "pulled" in and taped together. It's like using colored tape to paint a house.

Rarely will you see a Miva Merchant wordpress integration look exactly like the store. Most store owners give up and say, "It looks close enough." 

However, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Wordpress accounts and Miva Merchant accounts are two different things. If someone creates a wordpress account in your blog pages and then goes to your store, they have to create another account.

If someone adds products to their cart in your store then goes to read a blog post in Wordpress, there is no way for them to checkout until they go back into your store. 

Want a mini-basket in your Wordpress pages or someone to add a product you're blogging about to their cart? 

Forget it. 

A Wordpress developer will create your theme, and then you must hire a Miva developer to create hooks for all the dynamic Miva Merchant items like logins, carts, related products, readytheme content, any of that.

The costs just keep adding up.
CommentsYour customers create one store account to leave comments (or you can set it for anonymous comments.)When your customers comment on Wordpress posts, they need two accounts.

One for your store to buy products, the other for Wordpress to leave comments.
Plugins & CustomizationScot's Blogger updates are an email away, and your developer knows Miva Merchant inside and out.

Do you like a certain Wordpress plugin? Just ask and we'll make it happen in Scot's Blogger.
You will pay your Wordpress developer to create a lot of plugins.

These are used to display products and do everything else that is built into your Miva store.

Wordpress developers, many of them part of overseas coding groups, know nothing about Miva Merchant and often cause more harm than good. Or worse yet, just enough about Miva to cause some real damage.
CostPay for the module license.

That's it.
It can cost thousands of dollars to get your Wordpress theme the way you want it.

Once your Wordpress theme is up and running, be ready to create a monthly budget to keep your theme updated to reflect store changes.

Every time you change something in your store, you need to pay your Wordpress developer to keep things in Wordpress updated. It never ends.

Scot's Blogger can be used for blogging, news and other articles, FAQ and documentation, and is an easy way to add content pages to your store without going through the hassle of creating a new page every time you need one.

Some of the features include:

  • Full WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag and Drop images
  • Blog It! Instant product blogging
  • Automatic AMP pages for posts
  • SItemap for posts
  • Feeds
  • Total SEO control
  • Unlimited categories
  • Archives
  • Custom post/content templates
  • Related posts, products, links
  • Autosave
  • Word counter
  • Sticky blog posts
  • Publish/Unpublish scheduling
  • Permalink/SEO style links
  • Featured images for posts
  • Draft/Publish post status
  • Publish scheduling
  • Page templates for popular Miva Merchant frameworks
  • Automatic or manual post ordering
  • Useful for documentation and FAQs
  • SEO ready with microdata
  • Metadata included for social sites- posts show up with image, author, etc..
  • Three levels of Scot's Blogger accounts: publishers, authors, and moderators
  • Assign various global and category specific permissions to authors
  • Publishers, authors, and moderators do not need Miva Merchant admin accounts.
  • Comments- can be set to auto-censor for pre-moderation concerns
  • Moderators can censor or delete comments as they read them
  • Blog template page code is full featured
  • Ajax star ratings for articles (fully microdata'd out)
  • Slick automatic updates
  • The Editor page is a relaxing writing environment where your authors worry about one thing: writing

Easily Add Pages to Your Store

Scot's Blogger is also great if you're looking for a way to add a lot of pages to your store without cluttering up your user interface administration. Want to add 20 new pages to your Miva Merchant store? Easy- add 20 blog posts and each one turns into it's own page.

Framework Compatibility

Scot's Blogger is ready for CSSUI, Boostrap (Base Readytheme, Prepworx, Retro), and CornerstoneUX (Suivant, Optics, Iron & Wool, Coustic) Miva Merchant Frameworks and can easily be customized for any other setup.

Scot's Blogger can be also be used as a documentation and FAQ manager.

Who Needs to Blog? Everyone.

Custom content is the number one way to rise in search results, and writing articles and blog posts on your site is the best way to get that custom content.

This is the eCommerce solution for writers who will love Scot's Blogger with Miva Merchant. You get the best of both worlds: an industry leading shopping cart in Miva Merchant, and a blogging module that makes creating new content easy.


Scot's Blogger and Miva Merchant have free trial periods so it's easy to give both systems a test run.

Scot's Blogger is constantly being developed to offer more features and usability. Don't hesitate to ask a question or send in a request for something new.

Release Notes

3.218 Feb 18, 2021

  • fixed blog url sometimes not showing up in json/ld microdata
  • fixed a possible issue with sorting posts in category blog roll display
  • fixed a comment section typo in the "content" templates. You must update the template manually.
    change this line:
    <mvt:if expr="l.can_comment EQ 'c' OR l.can_comment EQ 1">
    to this line:
    <mvt:if expr="l.can_comment EQ 'c' OR l.can_comment EQ 1 OR l.can_comment EQ 'a'">

3.217 Dec, 2020

  • added uri system support
  • 1. put possible links in the custom seo section of editor window for a post
    2. put same links in the URI system and point to the blog page.
  • added support for ganalytics4 (google analytics 4 module) to track blog categories and posts
  • updated wysiwyg editor
  • fixed install error
  • fixed issue with wysiwyg editor sometimes not coming up correctly
  • UI and performance improvements

3.214 Dec 16, 2020

  • Added URI system support so that you can assign any links you want to a blog post (be careful of conflicts with store uris.)
  • Added support for Google Analytics 4 and Scot's Scripts Ganalytics 4 module.
  • WYSIWYG editor updates and fixed.
  • Fixed install errors.
  • Fixed issue with WYSIWYG editor sometimes not coming up on a new post.
  • UI and performance improvements.

3.214 Oct 22, 2020

  • added canonical category data to message structure:
    • message:canonical_category_slug
    • message:canonical_category_name
    • message:canonical_category_code
    • message:canonical_category_url
  • updated latest version of bootstrap and jquery
  • updated json/ld microdata to account for the blog home screen article list
  • updated json/ld microdata to reflect category listing
  • updated permalink settings to have option to make blog canonical url the same as top level url
  • updated json/ld and other head info to handle category canonicals
  • fixed issue with [sb post ... ] shortcode.
        [sb post some-slug link] will create a link to the post with that slug
  • fixed comment save issue

3.212 June 10, 2020

  • added tags (keywords) to new json-ld microdata - you must turn this on in blog settings and then update the template to remove old microdata
  • added checkboxes to content list in editor area for publishing selected drafts (multi publish)
  • updated google analytics code to fix a possible issue with canonical urls 
  • fixed a possible issue with mysql strict and drag and drop images

3.210 March 6, 2020

If you updated to v3.2 prior to v3.209 please update to v3.210 now

  • fixed delete bug in author's portal (content tab red X brought up the editor instead of deleting)
  • fixed possible missing db field bug in upgrades from v2 and v3.1
  • ui and speed enhancements
  • fixed history dropdown so loading a post doesn't change the blog id

3.208 February 28, 2020

  • Fixed issue with search results returning drafts as well as published articles
  • Sped up search results considerably
  • Added delete links to the quick list

3.207 February 27, 2020

  • Fixed a typo in a couple database fields. If you updated to v3.2 prior to v3.207 please update to v3.207 now
  • added feature to optionally allow authors to edit any post in the blog.
  • added filters and max results to the quick list
  • added quick list to main module admin
  • fixed bug where selecting post from "recent content" dropdown in main module admin sometimes opens post in a different blog

3.203 February 25, 2020

UPDATE NOTE: module update may take a few moment if you have a lot of posts

  • added import wordpress native xml export - easiest way yet
  • added simple search and replace option to remove shortcodes (wordpress and scot's blogger)
  • added a template system for click to edit landing pages and more
  • added scheduled tasks option for auto publishing
  • added drag and drop file uploads for attaching files to posts
  • added a www/https optional settings for permalinks 
  • added line numbers to editor source view
  • added facebook share button to editor screen
  • added drag and drop action to set featured blog and post images 
  • added bypass lightbox on images with links by adding "scotsblogger-link" as a class to the image. 
  • added a post/content search on the main module screen 
  • added blog setting to turn AMP off for all posts 
  • added URL searching to editor search filter
  • added "closed" setting to comments. Needs template update to work.
  • added option to force sitemap update when saving content
  • added button to recreate a blog sitemap in the "misc settings" on blog edit page
  • added filters, max results, wordpress shortcode stripping, and other features to search and replace 
  • speed improvements in admin and editor
  • layout improvements for mobile editing
  • updated licensing routines, bug fixes
  • updated editor with fixes, UI polish, and other enhancements
  • updated quick list in editor window: much much faster display 

store template updates:

  • add new page item to handle new click-to-edit template system
  • remove ratings schema if there is no rating 
  • add/adjust convenience links for authors who are logged in
  • fixed some issues with "blog it" product blog posts feature
  • fixed search and replace 
  • fixed some meta data issues

Template Updates: There are quite a few minor template updates. Check the installation page and download the new templates for details and/or to use them.

Click-to-Edit Template System Notes:

If you are going to use the click to edit template system, then the following line must be added near the top of the "main" blog template.

<mvt:item name="scotsblogger" param="template" />

It should look like this:

<mvt:item name="scotsblogger" param="amp" />
<mvt:item name="scotsblogger" param="feed" />
<mvt:item name="scotsblogger" param="template" />

Check the installation and download the new templates for details and/or to use them.

3.105 August 19, 2019

  • added a www/https optional settings for permalinks
  • fixed update issues from 3.105

3.105 August 19, 2019

  • added simple "import via url" wordpress import utility
  • added a quick article list to the editor (very fast for long content lists)
  • added option to specify loation for project honeypot php file in case access is being blocked by miva merchant path security (try this out if comments don't work)
  • added link/affiliate shortcode list reference to editor 
  • added collapsible tag list if there are more than 20 tags for cleaner editor experience
  • added option to change editor for a post from WYSIWYG to textarea so MVT coding can be used in content.
  • added shortcode to display post contents within a post using the slug [sb insert_content_slug permalink_slug] (use this feature to create code blocks and other repetitive content that can then be inserted into posts or used basically anywhere) 
  • updated tag search to not include drafts in results 
  • update search results so phrase is first then word by word
  • update: improved editor load speed 
  • updated search and replace utility for speed and bug fixes
  • editor updates and enhancements
  • UI and performance improvements
  • fixed a few more mysql strict related issues 
  • fixed issue related to a "view called messages" already open
  • fixed: made "make top level htaccess rule" setting stick when updating the permalink blog settings
  • fixed "archives all" messing up sidebar post lists (including showig drafts)
  • to fix in older templates, add this to top of sidebar:
    <mvt:assign name="g.scotsblogger_archives" value="''"/>
  • fixed "slash" issue in permalink settings. Update htaccess settings if using "slash" as the extension
  • fixed import issue with | symbols in the import data
  • fixed issue with "update article totals" utility

3.103 May 29, 2019

  • fixes related to importing wordpress posts
  • fixed issue with lightbox not turning off correctly
  • fixed issue with some image filenames having issues with the lightbox
  • fixed issue with "new blog" not working if not already on blogs tab
  • fixed issue with tracking total blog/category articles when deleting an article
  • fixed issues with tracking category totals and sub categories when deleting a category
  • updates related to miva's new strict mysql db policy
  • added new shortcode for store search
  • added new shortcode for post search
  • added new shortcode for tag search
  • added "switch blog workspace" option when moving a post from one blog to another
  • faster content list loads in the admin
  • faster article loading
  • various other fixes, udpates, and improvements

3.101 May 05, 2019

  • Bug fixes

3.101 May 05, 2019

  • Minor template fixes, new db utilities, some import fixes.

3.1 April 26, 2019

  • added archive pagination and "all" archives link (needs htaccess update)
  • added new editor/author management screen, big time saver for multiple blogs
  • added search and replace to db utilities: search title, subtitle, synopsis, content
  • added author's name to content backup history list 
  • added utility to refresh archives
  • added shortcodes for & mvta, & mvtj, and & mvts (& mvt and & mvte already supported), br, and tab (for formatting code display)
  • added post:featured_image:canonical to a post structure
  • added "canonical category" to post options so posts with multiple categories can have one assigned for the post canonical URL.
  • added simple way to change author of post 
  • added way to create any author name for a post 
  • added simple ratings editor to deal with spam and other rating issues 
  • added automatic style stripper for AMP content
  • added blog setting "inheritance" which lets you set a "parent" blog where certain settings will be inherited from the parent. Not blog specific settings, but publishers, js, other "global" style settings.
  • added more article import fields: comment control, permalink
  • updated archive "more" list, requires htaccess update
  • updated templates to handle featured video in blog roll and when viewing a post
  • updated tag list display so it's organized better
  • updated search routine so phrases can be searched if they enclosed in double quotes
  • updated pagination so pagination urls are like /blogcode/page/02/ (needs htaccess update) Note that you will need to update your template for this to work.
  • updated the template to handle filtering blog categories (see ) for template change details
  • updated permalink settings to be less confusing
  • updated editor UI for more simplicity 
  • updated editor JS for bug fixes esp when copy/pasting content 
  • removed license code from copyright message on editor page

  • fixed issue with some AMP page content
  • fixed a rare issue where blog roll would not show up when browsing to main blog page
  • fixed issue with loading archive blog roll for archives on the last day of the month
  • fixed issue with editor blog/post relationship when logged in as other than the global admin
  • fixed archive issue when changing published date (and other archive issues)
  • fixed issue with default image classes not being added when featherlight lightbox is deactivated
  • fixed UI bug in featured image section of the editor 
  • fixed UI bugs relating to permalink extensions in the blog settings
  • fixed bugs in comment permissions
  • fixed issue where dropdown "recent content" didn't always match what was selected
  • fixed issues with image tag parsing that would break the featherlight lightbox. 
  • fixed max number of search results setting bug
  • fixed issue with auto making a slug so that it defaults to lower case (will not affect existing slugs)
  • fixed issue with tag search, requires template update (and htaccess update if prev version is before 3.005)
  • fixed no extension and custom extension in the blog setup would sometmes conflict
  • fixed slugs were sometimes being corrupted
  • fixed incorrect display of total drafts in module admin 
  • fixed sometimes the test import would display cached import data 
  • fixed sitemaps were writing posts from other blogs instead of current blog
  • fixed RSS feed was not picking up on the current blog

3.005 Dec 3, 2018

  • Lots of little fixes.
  • bug fix: no extension and custom extension in the blog setup would sometmes conflict
  • bug fix: slugs were sometimes being corrupted
  • bug fix: fixed incorrect display of total drafts in module admin
  • bug fix: sometimes the test import would display cached import data
  • bug fixes: import issues, some date fields missing, import update issues fixed.
  • bug fix: sitemaps were writing posts from other blogs instead of current blog
  • bug fix: RSS feed was not picking up on the current blog
  • added more article import fields: comment control, permalink
  • user experience enhancements

3.000 November 14, 2018

  • Create Multiple Blogs
  • Each blog has it's own unique base URL
  • Import Utility - CSV import
  • Major UI Updates
  • Editor Updates and Fixes
  • Bug fixes

2.3 - July 28, 2018

  • general fixes and updates 
  • major template changes, see the install docs for download links - additional microdata fixes and additions as well
  • lots of editor updates, fixes, and enhancements
  • modernized ratings js, css, ajax, etc... requires template updates 
  • added support for ProjectHoneypot IP lookup: stops spammers in their tracks!
  • added Elements/Shadows templates (download from install docs)
  • added options to toggle editor features (main config)
  • added backup/history for posts/content 
  • added setting for raw link size display (so links don't cut off) 
  • added page title override: set g.scotsblogger_title_override to override page title
  • added font size, family, color buttons to editor
  • added table button to editor
  • added global ratings on/off 
  • added global comments on/off 
  • added use jQuery on/off
  • updated rss feed to include image in item description (not officially supported by RSS but widely used)
  • fixed possible issue in content creator page regarding URI management
  • fixed an issue loading posts from certain categories  
  • fixes and updates to Blog It! one click product blog post
  • fixed a minor issue with loading posts in a category
  • fixed an issue with built in image metadata 
  • fixed rss feed minor issues
  • fixed https style links being changed to http
  • fixed list issues in editor

2.2.1 - March 1, 2018

  • general fixes and updates for a better user experience
  • added option to create physical RSS feed file for stores that can't use dynamic feed files (config tab).
  • fixed comment totals. Use the "reset comment totals" link in the DB Utilities tab to update current totals
  • added support for the watermark module
  • fixed some permalink issues
  • fixed comment link in email

2.2 - Nov 2017

There is too much to list however here are the major updates.

  • Blog it! Automatically create a blog post from a product.
  • A post can be assigned to multiple categories
  • Added category administration to the authors editor screen.
  • Categories can be nested (parent categories, unlimited levels.)
  • Automatic AMP pages for post content.
  • Automatic sitemap generator for posts.
  • Archive support added.
  • Links manager which makes affiliate blogging easier because when your affiliate changes their link you only have to change your link once, not across all posts.
  • Organizers for posts, categories, links, whatever.
  • MAJOR editor updates including great image positioning, styles, etc...
  • Massive amount of custom SEO settings added for total SEO control.
  • Word and character counters for professional authors.
  • Feeds - RSS/ATOM
  • Custom blog templates: choose which templates a blog post uses (ideas are already forming, aren't they?)
  • Custom author/pen names for posts.
  • Related links/posts functionality.
  • Most popular post list.
  • Anonymous comments option per category or post.
  • More shortcodes.
  • Manually set publish dates (optionally.)
  • A lot of stock template updates.

1.14 - December 25, 2015

  • fixed broken title box for new article
  • fixed tags not saving on new post
  • added category and global stickies
  • updated templates, check the installation guide for template download links

1.13 - December 21, 2015

  • fixed permalink issue
  • fixed template "all" link issue
  • fixed template empty image tag
  • fixed problem with duplicate articles being created
  • fixed issue where drafts were sometimes loaded in the public article data
  • updated the authors portal page layout
  • udpated (major update) of microdata across all templates.
  • added multiple image uploading (must use image dialog box on toolbar)
  • added template microdata to default blog page
  • added publisher field in config for microdata
  • added new config field for microdata: publisher
  • added microdata for featured image
  • added microdata for store logo
  • added save button (floppy disc icon) to editor toolbar
  • added undo/redo button to editor toolbar

1.12 Fixed permalink and other misc bugs

1.10 Major updates, new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

See for detailed release notes.

Developer Info

We are Miva Merchant experts and have been doing Miva Merchant SEO, custom Miva Merchant modules, Miva Merchant troubleshooting, and eCommerce site development since the late 90's.


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