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A complete blogging and content module for Miva Merchant.


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Scot's Blogger is a full featured blogging and content module that makes it easy to create any kind of content in your store when inspiration hits.

Updated December 2023: v3.524

Scot's Blogger uses store templates to display content in any way you can imagine. SEO, ecommerce blogging, landing pages, marketing, managing old static html pages, and more, all within one system that makes it easy and convenient to manage your content.

You might have the slickest store around, but if you don't have enough SEO related content your visibility suffers.This modules helps you get the most out of your SEO key words and phrases.

Create store page template to serve up unlimited content! Templates are store pages which means you can use any kind of page template coding you need.

"This product is a dream come true for many of us!" - Lynne Phelps, Digital Branding & Information Architext, Sy-Klone International

"We really like how Blogger integrates with Miva so smoothly." -

"Perfect! Thanks for all of the expert support you have provided. This module has evolved into a very useful tool for me now and I would recommend it to others wanting a built in blog for Miva stores." - Kris Larson, Larson Shutter Company

Scot's Blogger is constantly being developed to offer more features and usability. Don't hesitate to ask a question or send in a request for something new.

Main Features as of v3.503, August 2021

  • Multiple blog support. Use different designs for different blogs, such as a blog page, support and documentation, and more.
  • Powerful visual editor (demo). Easily create layouts and grids using your store's theme CSS.
  • Draft system ensures your post is perfect before publishing and going live with it.
  • Never lose work with autosave and version history.
  • Works seamlessly within Miva Merchant - Scot's Blogger is a Miva Module so no wordpress style security worries.
  • Unlimited categories and tags.
  • Comments can be protected by ProjectHoneyPot IP detection.
  • Multi thread comment capabilitites.
  • Complete SEO and URL control of content including custom head content for posts.
  • Automatic microdata added to posts.
  • Drag and drop images and/or files into posts.
  • Uses store templates for posts and content.
  • Perfect for people with a lot of "static" content pages.
  • Built in ratings for posts (optional setting.)
  • Lazy image load support.
  • Feed and sitemap support.
  • Authors do not need Miva Merchant admin access.
  • Create layout templates that can be turned into click-to-edit templates.
  • Built in AMP page support for posts and content.
  • Powerful admin utilities to help manage content and posts.
  • Code editor option gives you full SMT capabilities.
  • Scheduled posts.
  • Link manager for affiliate blogging. Your affiliate link changed? No problem, one update and you're done.
  • Much much more! If you want to blog or manage content in Miva Merchant, this is the module for you.


If you are looking for a way to create more "pages" in your store for content, documentation, journals, and that sort of thing but don't need a full featured blogging system, please take a look at Instapages.

Instapages is our new flagship module and the easiest and most powerful content management system we've ever built.

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Great app for the money!
5 out of 5
Date: January 1, 1970
Easy way to add content to our webstore. Once set up, publishing blogs is easy for most any user. Ran into some challenges on setup (probably lack of knowledge on our end), but enjoyed fantastic support from scotsscripts.
1 Total Reviews
Release Notes

see full release notes

3.524 December 2023
Updated autosave to be less destructive, displays option to load autosaved version.
Updated search routines for efficiency and speed
Added an editor setting to preserve tabs and spaces. Show code indentation without tab/br shortcodes.
Added a setting for editor window width - helps the display better represent the store page
Moved "more options" collapsing sidebar into the tabs under the editor

3.522 October 2023
Permalinks: Added custom blog home page override url
Fixed RSS feed issues
Cleaned up some UI stuff in the editor
Various editor updates.

3.521 Sept 2023
Added a place to write notes when editing a blog post. The notes are universal for the blog, you'll see them for every post. Great way to keep post ideas close at hand.
Added a delete link from the [I] information panel on the editor screen.

Fixed an issue with the canonical url for the blog "home" page
Fixed json/ld ratings on/off switch
Fixed json/ld logo entry, skips logo if no readytheme logo found

v3.520 - please see the full release notes (link above) for template changes related to new json/ld meta features. This is not required unless you want more meta control.
Developer Info

We are Miva Merchant experts and have been doing Miva Merchant SEO, custom Miva Merchant modules, Miva Merchant troubleshooting, and eCommerce site development since the late 90's.


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