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The Levels ReadyTheme is the most feature rich ReadyTheme we’ve ever built! It is perfect for stores with large data sets and complicated navigation. It features an all new mega menu which is a hybrid of a drop down menu along with a fly out "mega menu", giving you the ability to show three levels of categories in an easy to navigate menu structure. Other Features Include:

  • Category List Hover States for Add To Cart & Quick View
  • Search Results Preview
  • QuickView on Product List Pages
  • Product Tags (Sale, New, etc)
  • Advanced Mega Menu With 3 Levels of Categories
  • Image Based Sub Category Navigation
  • Optimized Product Page with vertical additional images, important elements above the fold
  • Optimized Header with Prominent Search Box
  • Redesigned and Mobile Optimized Checkout Process
  • Newsletter Signup Box (optional)

The Levels ReadyTheme is the perfect foundation for your new Miva Store!

Release Notes



  • Updates for 9.7/8/9
  • Support for Square

Latest Version: 1.1.0

Version: 1.1.0

Page Template Changes: View Now

1.0.2 (released 2/23/2016) Bugs Fixed:

  • PATR Page missing attributes: Bug Fix
  • Base price always showed as crossed out: Bug Fix
  • Additional Images May not all be visible when going from mobile to tablet: Bug Fix
  • State field Missing is Default country is not US: Bug Fix
  • Discover Cards Not Working During Checkout: Bug Fix
  • Hard Coded Value of /mm5/ in scripts.js to create customer account on OCST: Bug Fix

1.0.1 Bugs Fixed:

  • In FireFox, menu icon displaying as a square vs a rotated triangle on All Categorie drop down. CSS Fix: Bug Fix
  • If you disable social media icons under ReadyThemes, it breaks footer. Fix: Bug Fix
  • CVV2 Field does not show on OPAY even if enabled. Fix: Bug Fix
  • Homepage Images are too big on Firefox and IE: Bug Fix
  • Category Images cut in half on mobile view - using Firefox: Bug Fix

Initial Release: 1.0.0

Documentation: Installing the Levels ReadyTheme

Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva is a modern ecommerce platform that evolves with your business. Miva generates ROI for your business, keeps you competitive, and empowers you to scale. At Miva, our mission is to empower independent sellers to control their destiny and thrive. We help businesses exceed their own expectations, sell their own way, and succeed on their own terms.


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