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Create SMT code that will execute for store notification module features. Never write a notification module again.


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The Notification Watcher is an advanced module that gives developers and store owners a way to create SMT code that will execute for various store notification module features.

Never write a notification module again.

For example, if a feed needed to be updated when a product is deleted, a developer could create code in the product delete notification template to do that.

All notification module features are supported as of Feb 2021.

Supported Module Features


  • Module_Notify_Category_Update
  • Module_Notify_Category_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Category_Update


  • Module_Notify_Product_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Product_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Product_Update

Domain SEO Settings

  • Module_Notify_SEOSettings

Customer Configuration

  • Module_Notify_Customer_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Customer_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Customer_Update

Customer Field Configuration

  • Module_Notify_StandardFields


  • Module_Notify_Image_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Image_Insert

URI Configuration

  • Module_Notify_URI_Insert
  • Module_Notify_URI_Update
  • Module_Notify_URI_Delete

Payment Status

  • Module_Notify_Payment_AuthorizationFailure

Subscription Settings

  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Changed
  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Created
  • Module_Notify_Subscription_Deleted

Gift Certificate

  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Created
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Deleted
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Redeemed
  • Module_Notify_GiftCertificate_Updated

Order Status

  • Module_Notify_Order_BatchChange
  • Module_Notify_Order_Delete
  • Module_Notify_Order_Insert
  • Module_Notify_Order_StatusChange

OrderItem Status

  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_StatusChange
  • Module_Notify_OrderItem_Update

OrderReturn Status

  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderReturn_StatusChange

OrderShipment Status

  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_Delete
  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_Insert
  • Module_Notify_OrderShipment_StatusChange
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Release Notes
fixed bug in orderitem update notification related to error in API documentation
Removed unnecessary settings text Instructions update
1.003: Initial Release
All instructions are in the module.
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