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Important: The Shadows Readytheme is now packaged and shipped with each release of Miva 10. You no longer need to download it from the app store. To get the latest version of Shadows, go to your Miva 10 store, click on User Interface then Frameworks which will have the most up to date framework. It's recommended you create a new template branch first, then apply the framework to that branch.

The new Shadows ReadyTheme for Miva is the most advanced ReadyTheme we've ever built!

The framework is designed to be used as a foundation for building custom websites, or your own ReadyThemes. While the core of the framework is a tested, CSS base, we also include quality tested JavaScript functionality and extensions like tabs, accordions, carousels, and more.

What's New in Shadows v2.0.0

We examined the way ReadyThemes worked with the core software and wanted a tighter integration. To that end, Shadows is now the default Framework installed in any new Miva store. While working on this, we made some improvements to the original version of Shadows.

  • Cleaned and trimmed up the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  • Improved accessibility for better user inclusivity.
  • Compliant with Googles latest Web Vitals metrics.
  • Improved overall Page Speed Metrics.

Additionally, you now have the option to use a developer version of Shadows for your site builds.

  • Native support of CSS custom properties (variables).
  • Native support for SCSS.
  • Gulp build process to output a single CSS file and a single JS file.


Includes the necessary building blocks to create many of the common UX design patterns. Unique components can easily be created by extending the framework.


Developed with the BEMIT methodology in mind. BEM promotes component modularity, IT helps control the architecture, and ECSS helps to make extending the framework more manageable.

Modern Layout

Shadows is an evergreen-browser framework with a modern Flexbox layout system. No more having to remember to clear your floats or use conditional classes.


With the importance of inclusivity in website layout in mind, Shadows ships with passing grades, as of August 2020, for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A and Level AA as well as Section 508 standards for accessibility as tested through ARC by The Paciello Group, Axe by Deque, and WAVE by WebAIM.

Browser Support

While every effort has been made to make sure Shadows performs across a variety of devices and browsers, there is only so much shimming that can be done without sacrificing performance. Shadows uses current coding structures and standards. This framework may not be best suited for you if you are looking to support legacy browsers.

  • Chrome (latest 2)
  • Firefox (latest 2)
  • Safari iOS/MacOS (latest 2)
    • Versions of Safari lower than 11 have minimal support, this theme may not work in versions lower than 10. Generally, the site will operate, however there are layout inconsistencies due to the way the browsers supports flex-box and sizing calculations.
  • Opera (latest 2)
  • Edge (latest 2)
    • Internet Explorer 11 has minimal support. It will operate, however there are layout inconsistencies due to the way the browser supports flex-box and sizing calculations.



Style Guide

Release Notes


Version 10.04.00 (Released 2022/05/24)

This maintenance release addresses all issues listed below.

Version 2.03.00 (Released 2022/03/29)

This maintenance release addresses all issues listed below.

Version 2.01.02 (Released 2021/09/16)

This maintenance release addresses all issues contained in Milestone v2.01.02.

Version 2.01.00 (Released 2021/06/30)

This maintenance release addresses all issues contained in Milestone v2.01.00

Version 2.00.05 (Released 2021/02/09)



Version 2.00.04 (Released 2020/12/17)



Version 2.0.0 (Released 2020/09/22)

Shadows is now the default framework included with a Miva Merchant installation. Numerous changes and updates has been performed to make this happen. As such, v2.0.0 is not backwards compatible with v1.0.6 and there is no direct upgrade path. The best way to upgrade your site, is to create a development site within your administration portal and start from there.


Version 1.0.6 (Released 2019/10/18)

Bugs Fixed:


Version released on 5/10/2019

Bugs Fixed:


Version: 1.0.5 released on 5/2/2019

Bugs Fixed:

Updates to latest 9.13 Page templates & Support for Combined JS and CSS

1.0.4 Released 1/11/2019

25 Bug FIxes and Improvements:

PayPal and Amazon Pay Button Placement on BASK (optional):

1.03 Released on 9/07/2018



  • Due to popular demand, the product weight and count of products currently in the basket, on the product page, 

1.0.2 Released on 9/6/18



1.0.1 - Released on 4/19/2018 

Release Includes:
  • Updates for 9.7/8/9
  • Support for Square

1.0.0 - Released on 3/7/2018
Support Forum: Shadows Support Forum
Submit a Bug: Shadows GitHub

Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva is a modern ecommerce platform that evolves with your business. Miva generates ROI for your business, keeps you competitive, and empowers you to scale. At Miva, our mission is to empower independent sellers to control their destiny and thrive. We help businesses exceed their own expectations, sell their own way, and succeed on their own terms.


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