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The new Shadows ReadyTheme for Miva is the most advanced ReadyTheme we’ve ever built!

Leveraging the foundation of Elements , it adds a UX layer on top of Elements to create the best starting point currently available to build your new Miva Store.

Each screen on this theme was meticulously designed from the ground up including all the My Account and Checkout pages.

Checkout Experience

The Shadows ReadyTheme also features our brand new Checkout process, which is both functional, clean and simple to use. Once you enter checkout, the header and footer seamlessly fade away to their most simple version. All relevant details have been moved to a right side bar including cart contents, promo codes and helpful phone numbers and emails address if the client needs help. This helps keep the customer field above the fold and easy to access.

Search & Facets

This is also the first ReadyTheme to showcase the new built in faceting and search preview functionality of Miva. Out of the box you get facets on both the search and category pages styled perfectly and ready to use. The search box is also front and center globally in the header as well as in the sticky header (on Desktop). Both search boxes showcase the search preview functionality of Miva which shows you products as you start typing.

Mobile Experience

As with all our ReadyThemes, the mobile experience is a top priority. Shadows takes it one step further with a brand new left navigation, collapsible breadcrumbs and a tier 1 checkout experience. Just drop in your products and you’re ready to go!

Shadows comes standard with the following extensions:

Quantify – Mobile Friendly Increase/Decrease buttons for Product and basket pages

Transfigure – Allows the standard drop-down menu on desktop to “transfigure” to an off-canvas menu on mobile devices

Fasten – Sticky Header for the desktop version of the site

Collapsing Breadcrumbs – Automatically shorten / collapse breadcrumbs on mobile device so save space

Mini-Basket – Slide in from right mini basket

Roundabout – Product / Image Carousel

Additional features include:

Tabs on Product Page

Facets / Filters on both search and category pages

Search Preview – both in regular search in global header as well as sticky header

New Forgot Password Workflow

Experience the newest ReadyTheme available for Miva - Shadows

Shadows Documentation 

Release Notes

Latest Version 1.0.6 (Released 2019/10/18)

Bugs Fixed:


Latest Version released on 5/10/2019

Bugs Fixed:


Version: 1.0.5 released on 5/2/2019

Bugs Fixed:

Updates to latest 9.13 Page templates & Support for Combined JS and CSS

1.0.4 Released 1/11/2019

25 Bug FIxes and Improvements:

PayPal and Amazon Pay Button Placement on BASK (optional):

1.03 Released on 9/07/2018



  • Due to popular demand, the product weight and count of products currently in the basket, on the product page, 

1.0.2 Released on 9/6/18



1.0.1 - Released on 4/19/2018 

Release Includes:
  • Updates for 9.7/8/9
  • Support for Square

Latest Version:
1.0.0 - Released on 3/7/2018
Support Forum: Shadows Support Forum
Submit a Bug: Shadows GitHub

Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva offers a complete ecommerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated ecommerce software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design and development.


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