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Mail Chimp Newsletter Signup by Miva, Inc.

This module has been discountinued and replaced with a new MailChimp integration which is built into Miva 9.07.00. Learn More

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This new module allows you to easily add a newsletter signup box to your Miva Merchant Store. Customer can add themselves to your MailChimp email lists with a click of a button. Click here for Installation Documentation
Release Notes
Current Version: 5.5009

Fixed bug when encoded API key contained "=", preventing proper API Key from being sent.

Fixed Spelling Error in JavaScript Message / Updated API Key Encryption

Updated API Key Parsing to account for 2 digit "Datacenter" Codes ex. -us10

Improved Error Handling for MvCALL to prevent fatal errors during runtime

Added API security improvements

Fixed incorrectly named "category_id" which prevented ecommerce 360 data from being sent to MailChimp.

Fixed api key from disappearing from the admin and lists not showing up in the admin if list names contain apostrophes

Fixed issues when used in conjunction with Category Template Manager. Caused Runtime Errors on Category Page.

5.5001 - Initial Release
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Miva, Inc.

Miva offers a complete ecommerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated ecommerce software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design and development.


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