Match Customer Orders

Match Customer Orders by Miva, Inc.

Use this module to clean up your orders not assigned to any customer account. It will match these orders based on criteria you specify.

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New Match Customer Orders Module From Miva

Do you have customers that have a customer account on your Miva store but sometimes still place orders not logged in? Or maybe they place orders as a guest without a customer account for years then recently created an account? Both of these scenarios make it difficult for customers to look up order history in a single place as well as reorder past orders.

To solve this issue we developed a Match Customer Orders Module. It allows you to take any order that does not have a customer assigned to it and try an Match it to an existing customer. The module can match an order to a customer based on the following criteria:

  1. Order shipping email address matches a single customers shipping email address
  2. An orders billing email address matches a single customers billing email address
  3. An orders shipping /billing email address matches a single customers forgotten password email address.

You can select one, two or all matching criteria. Keep in mind that it must match at most 1 customer account. If a customer has multiple accounts then the module has no way of knowing which customer account is the “correct” one.

We recommend use the consolidate customers module first to ensure each customer has at most 1 account before running the Match Customer Orders utility

Once run, the module will tell you how many orders it assigned to customer accounts as well as provide you will a log file you can download to see a complete list of every order it assigned to each customer.

*You need to be on Miva 9.0006 or later to use this module.

Release Notes
Version 1.001
Released: 12/03/2020

Release Notes
- Module will not install on Version 10 or later
- Runtime Error when using Match Customer Orders on PostgeSQL

Version 1.000
Initial Release
Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva offers a complete ecommerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated ecommerce software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design and development.


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