UPS i-parcel International Shipping

UPS i-parcel International Shipping by Miva, Inc.

The UPS i-parcel app allows your international shoppers to use UPS i-parcel on your website.

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About The Integration

UPS i-parcel is a complete solution to international shipping including showing total landed cost to the customer during checkout, fulfillment, currency conversion and payment. This UPS i-parcel module offers three options for providing customers international shipping and payment options. The Shipping Only operation mode will return all valid international shipping rates for the basket. The second option is Shipping & Payments, which will not only supply valid international shipping rates but uses UPS i-parcel as a hybrid payment method within the Miva store. Finally, iCart or International Cart allows for international customers to checkout using UPS i-parcel's hosted cart and checkout pages.

Functionality Includes

  • Full Product Catalog Sync
  • Currency Conversion
  • Total Landed Costs (including duties and taxes) displayed in Checkout
  • Ability to have i-parcel handle payment (including taking on Fraud checks)
  • Generate and print shipping labels right from Miva
  • Integration built and supported by Miva!

About UPS i-parcel

The UPS i-parcel app makes it easy for Miva merchants who are UPS i-parcel subscribers to reach new customers and compete in international markets. This module integrates UPS i-parcel’s international sales solution seamlessly into your Miva checkout.

The UPS i-parcel International Cart solution simplifies selling internationally and opens your store to over 100 destinations using our technology and logistics expertise.

Selling internationally requires intricate knowledge of duty and tax regulations, dealing with international payment methods, protecting against fraud, and handling nuanced and changing customs data collection rules.

With the International Cart solution, UPS i-parcel takes on the responsibility of all the international checkout issues, dealing with currencies, payment methods, and fraud handling, and provides an economical way of delivering parcels from Businesses to Consumers.
  • Delivery to 92 countries through our low cost, asset-light based network
  • Fully landed costs at the cart level
  • Rich, event-based tracking

To learn more and sign up to UPS i-parcel, click the "Signup Now" button above.
Release Notes
Version: 1.0004
Released on 3/27/2020
Release Notes:

New Features
Parcel quotes and label purchases now use the package dimensions and weight when only one package is being shipped
Now supports new method Worldwide Economy service level 148

Bugs Fixed

IPARCEL-38 - SubmitParcel does not include package dimensions
IPARCEL-39 - Add support for service level 148 - Worldwide Economy
IPARCEL-41 - iParcel_BasketQuote should send package information when only one package is determined in ShippingModule_Basket_Methods
IPARCEL-43 - iParcelAPI_SubmitCatalog always sets ShipAlone to false

Version 1.0003
Released on 1/14/2020

New Features
Compatibility with variant sku replacement module
Bugs Fixed
IPARCEL-34 iparcel api does not always return errors in json format
IPARCEL-35 Incompatibility with variant replacement module
IPARCEL-36 ScheduledTaskModule_Execute_CatalogSync_ProductKits Query Optimization

Version 1.0002
Released on 11/08/2019
  • Removed previously reported service levels which had incorrect service levels numbers
    • 8 – UPS Expedited
    • 13 - UPS Express Saver
  • Renamed service level 208 to UPS Expedited
  • Renamed service level 265 to UPS Express Saver
  • Added the following service levels:
    • 211- UPS Standard

Version 1.0001
Released on 10/30/2019
- Added Support for UPS Expeditede and UPS Express Saver Methods

Version: 1.0000

Initial Release (10/9/2019)
 - Provides support for i-parcel including i-cart, logistics and payment
Developer Info

Miva, Inc.

Miva offers a complete ecommerce solution consisting of PA-DSS validated ecommerce software, PCI compliant ecommerce hosting, credit card processing services and custom website design and development.


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